Monday, May 23, 2005

Northern Quebec Day 02

Day Two: Monday, May 23rd

Monday morning was slightly overcast but the day cleared after noon. The morning was also a little less windy than Sunday afternoon but that too changed as the day warmed up.

John and I went to the north end of Lac Larouche where there are two small islands. The wind was blowing in our faces as we headed to the north-northeast. We cast along the shores of the islands and then trolled around them. I caught a 31-32 inch pike and then John caught a 25-inch pike. We checked a shallow bay on the west side of the lake to no avail and so switched back to trolling some of the deeper waters. John hooked a large pike—I would estimated it to have been around 35-36 inches—and was just reaching to pull the fish into the boat as I reached for the net, when the fish shook the lure and took off. We decided to play by tournament rules, and since John had touched the leader, the fish was officially caught. We fought the wind for another hour before heading back to the cabin for lunch.
John T. on Lac Larouche, Monday May 23rd.

Joe and David had fished the south end of the lake, where David had caught a nice walleye, and the river heading out of the main lake to the southeast. They picked up four pike in the river including a 28-inch specimen by Joe, before they returned to the cabin for lunch.

After lunch, John and I went back to the west side of the lake and tried to maintain a drift along the shore but the wind, which had increased to around 20 mph again, kept blowing us into the shore. We found an inlet to small protected area and began fishing there. John was casting a weedless lure with a purple worm attached. He had a small pike come after the lure but only hit the worm. I cast my spinner and the pike hit the blade but not the hook, so I cast again and this time hooked the little bugger who measured only around 15-inches. Later I caught another small pike in this cove. We went back out into the main body of water and let the wind blow us back toward the cabin.

Joe and David fished the south end of the lake and got only one pike before returning to the cabin for dinner.

We had the one walleye and two pike filleted for dinner. Joe breaded them in a flour dredge of Bisquick and then Italian breadcrumbs before frying them in vegetable oil.

We weren't the only ones looking for a fish dinner. It didn't take this guy long to figure out that when the boats returned to the dock, he might get lucky, too.
Herring Gull

After dinner, John and I went out to drift/troll the west shore right across from the cabin. Joe went up the lake to fish some shallows on the east side. I got one small pike while they got none.

Then, still feeling the effects of the long Saturday night drive we went back to the cabin to sit on the porch and enjoy the long, long and colorful sunset. The clouds were lit in pinks, reds and purples as the sun sank behind the hills across from the cabin.
Tuesday's sunset from the cabin on Lac Larouche.

Total for the day was 13 pike and 1 walleye.

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