Monday, January 06, 2014

Frostbite: Take the warnings seriously!

So you want to know what frostbite looks like? Kinda like this: Only the last joint of the middle finger suffered serious damage. The ring and index finger are still numb and tingly at the same time (!) three days after exposure.

Blistered Finger

Blistered Finger

Bandaged Finger

The loose bandage (after applying some moisturizing cream) is to protect the blisters. Do NOT want them to burst!

I've a follow-up appointment with my doctor this afternoon. 


Rev. Paul said...

I hope everything goes well when you see the doc.

Ruth said...

Ow! I've had minor frostbite, but nothing close to that. I think its time for some new gloves!

TennRebel said...

On the bright side, you can give everyone the finger and say ,"Sorry, can't help myself".

TennRebel said...

Look on the bright side, now you can give everyone the finger and say, "Sorry, I can't help it".

joated said...

TennRebel, it's even wrapped in a nice white bandage so it's easier to see!

Brigid said...

That looks very painful. I do hope you recover with no ill effect. Thank for the heads up, a lot of folks don't think about how quickly it can happen.