Monday, February 17, 2014

Update of Frostbite--All Is GOOD!

Went to Corning to see the doctor about my frostbit finger this afternoon. He was suitably impressed by my recovery and said that, though I might still lose my nail, I will not have to have any surgery nor do I need to see him again.

Feeling has returned to the middle finger although it's still super sensitive and the other three are virtually normal. The tissues of the middle finger are still new, the doctor said, but they should thicken and toughen up with time. He also said I might recover normal feeling--or I might not. Nerves are tough to predict, but if he were a betting man, normal is the way he would bet.

He also said that there are doctors out there who, upon seeing the original condition of the finger, would have pressed for amputation of part of the finger ASAP. He prefers the "frostbite in January, debraid (amputate) in March/April" method of treatment. He prefers this approach because frostbite--and the recovery from it--is so unpredictable.


Rev. Paul said...

That is EXCELLENT news! I'm so happy for you - and your doctor is a smart fella.

threecollie said...

Good news on the frostbite! I have been keeping after Ralph since this happened to you. He came in with white fingers from plowing a couple days ago and I gave him heck and reminded him about your fingers.He wears his heavy mitts now.

joated said...

Threecollie, you tell the Boss what my doctor told me: "You were very, very lucky."

Dealing with farm machinery and critters on a daily basis is dangerous enough to digits of the hand and feet. No need to add frostbite to the hazards!

Ruth said...