Monday, September 08, 2014

Working at the Bolt Hole...Finally

Up at the Bolt Hole for a few days to do some work trying to clean up the mess the logger made. And install a replacement window I built for the octagon window in the bedroom.

As for the window, I used the old, mostly rotten window as a model and built the new one based on that. It fit the opening perfectly...before I fastened the hinges in place. Then it jammed in one corner and I had to shave the edge until it did fit. Nice. And. Snug. At least it's cool enough at night that I don't have to worry about opening it any time soon.

I've been meaning to spend more time at the Bolt Hole working in the woods and on the cabin, but things kept getting in the way. Last time i was here I tweaked my back and it just never responded. After a month of taking things easy..sort of...I went to the doctor and had x-rays taken. My lumbar spine is...unusual. I knew I had stenosis (small openings for the nerves to pass through) but I was never told I had six lumbar vertebrae rather than the usual five. And they all have spikes and spines on them which is a sign of arthritis. Oh, and they were not in alignment. Solution: Take it easy but try to do the "normal" things you usually do. If it doesn't get better I go back.

Well, I managed to build the parking area for the RV despite the occasional stabbing pain in my lower back. The pain never went down the leg as it would if the sciatic nerve were pinched or a disc herniated. Terry assisted with much of the "heavy" work: moving 6"x6" timbers, for example. The Kubota helped move the stone.

The refrigerator died and we had to find a replacement, The RV needed servicing and new tires and those folks took their sweet time. Then the Toyota lost its muffler and exhaust, needed brake discs and pads. Then Terry's aunt passed away and we had to go into New Jersey for the funeral.

So almost two months after I was last up here, I finally got back.

Spent the day working in the woods under a beautiful blue sky and in 75 degree weather while being attacked by some nasty little biting flies that deceptively look like house flies. They bit right through my sweat-soaked, long-sleeved cotton shirt. And the little suckers really hurt! Luckily, their bites do not itch afterward or I'd be looking for some hydro-cortisone. The ones that itch are either blackflies (not many of them around this late in the season) or fleas (probably carried by the mice). Those bites will itch for a month!

What I'm trying to do is reduce the amount of slash the logger left behind. I need to fill in some of the wet spots he created, too. Several of my old ATV trails are impassible because of those wet spots and rocks and ruts the logger's skidder left behind.

I'll be working outside the next day or two before winterizing the cabin and heading back to the Aerie. Terry starts her "Convention Season" on Saturday when she leaves to go to Orlando, Florida for one convention. Along the way she'll visit her cousins in South Carolina and my cousins in Weeki Wachee, Florida. I'll cat sit.

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