Sunday, March 15, 2015

Short Spring-Summer-Fall

Last week we had temperatures in the high 40s with even a 50 or two thrown in. Even Friday the 13th was a lovely day with plenty of warmth and sunshine.

Then Saturday arrived and we got rain--but at least it was still warmish with temps in the 40 degree neighborhood.

Today...Well, today we had a bit of freezing something early in the morning with lots of high flying gray clouds streaming out of the north-northwest all day long. And the temperature stayed right around 28-29 degrees from sunrise to sunset.Guess we're back to winter.

*sigh* They do say beware the ides of March.

So need warmer weather to melt the rest of the snow on the lawn and gardens. I am resigned to the fact that the heaps on the sides of the driveway/parking area will be there until late April. I hope they won't be here longer than that!

At least the guys with sugar bushes will enjoy the cold nights and above freezing(?) days the next couple of weeks.


Terry's flight from Louisville was cancelled when the plane got grounded in Kansas City due to mechanical problems. She could have taken a later flight to Chicago, but there would be no connection to Corning-Elmira. The airlines is putting her up in a hotel for the night and she will be flying out tomorrow morning.


Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

Can you ask Terri if she recommends the
Embroiderers' Guild out of Elmira? They have a meeting on the 18th and I am tossing the idea of going, but I can't find anything about them in print other than the location.

joated said...

Terry says: It's a nice group of ladies. Mostly beginners with little advanced work being done. She doesn't often attend their because Audubon often at the same time (as it does this week).

The Corning group is a little more advanced but their meetings are during the day.

If you want more info email her at