Friday, May 15, 2015

Life in the Country

The road running past the Aerie got regraded today. They needed to do something about the deep ruts and washboarding the forced a truck into the ditch last week after a light shower turned the clay into one slippery mess. That truck, by the way, sat in the ditch for nearly an hour awaiting the arrival of a tow truck to haul it out.

They first sent the road grader, with it's big front-end claws and belly plow up and down the road to loosen and roughly level the road. That was followed by a tractor towing a rake to make things even more level. Finally a steam roller went up and down, down and up to pack the dirt road into a hard(er) surface.

The final product is a relatively smooth ride but dusty as hell. The showers forecast for tonight might get rid of some of the dust temporarily but, hey! it's a dirt road! The dust will be with us again as soon as it dries and until the snow covers it in...October? November?


In other news, removing the bird feeders for a couple of days has seemed to have worked vis-a-vis bear visitors. Haven't seen Momma and her three cubs for several days.


The amoxicillin seems to have knocked out the infection that inflamed my throat. Things are back to normal in the swallowing/talking department.


It's amazing what a couple of stays in the hospital (back surgery in January, kidney stone in April) and a severe sore throat can do to your weight. I was around 220 in the beginning of the year. Now I'm tipping the scale at around 200. With Terry cooking for Rick and Sandy in Portland, OR, I might even get below that. (I tend to eat less when she's not around. Not healthier, just less. Like two simple meals a day instead of three.)

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threecollie said...

Glad you are feeling better. You sure have had a tough go of it.