Friday, July 21, 2017

Finally. New Water Heater Is Working

So the folks installing our replacement water heater finally got all the right parts. Took them about 30 minutes to put the exhaust pipe in (now that they had the adapter) and test the system for any leaks: water, propane, exhaust fumes.

An interesting month-long process. Shows what happens when someone in the supply chain doesn't think things through. I mean, if your ordering a replacement heater and it will need a new exhaust pipe with a new adapter to connect the two, wouldn't you think to mention that to the purchaser? And maybe send all three together? 

Oh, and I learned today that the exhaust pipe is a "telescoping" pipe not a fixed length unlike the last one. This allows for any minor differences in the location of the heater and the exhaust hole through the wall. And when the installers got it from the supplier, the box only contained one of the two parts. Sheesh!

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