Thursday, August 10, 2017

Getting Lost--and what to do about it

Having done my fair share of hiking, both in groups and solo, and having witnessed several search and rescues while living in the Adirondacks (the victims were 0-4 and never very far from safety), and having been "confused" a time or two myself,  I have to say that this article on Surviving in the Outdoors: An Emergency Guide, is an excellent how-to. The trick with all these types of articles is to practice what they're preaching BEFORE you actually need to do it for real. (Of course, if you do practice them ahead of time--when you're perfectly safe and capable of getting home--then you're more likely to always be perfectly safe and able to get home!)

Hunting season is coming up and there will be guys roaming the back country hoping for a shot at that wall hanger that's hanging out where others seldom go. If you or some one you know will be in that crowd, make sure they 1) read the above linked article, 2) are like a Boy Scout-- always prepared, 3) have a recent map of the area they will be entering, 4) have a good compass, and 5) know how to use the last two items!

Stay safe.

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Alex said...

Thanks for sharing the link and glad to see you got some value out of it!

Hope hunting season treats everyone kindly