Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Fishing We Will Go

I'm taking a week off from construction to go fishing with Joe, Joseph, David and Steve (a newbee to the group). We are currently sitting at my place in the Adirondacks with our trucks are packed and we are just waiting to hit the road--which we will do around 10 PM. We'll be fishing out of Caesar's Lodge facilities on Lac Simard.

We'll make our way over to Watertown and pick up I-81 to the border and then over to Ottawa/Hull and north through Maniwaki to Grand-Remous. Just north of there, we'll hit the 106 mile long dirt road to the seaplane base at Coursol. We should arrive there around 10 AM.

Oliver, owner and chief pilot/guide/sales rep, and his crew will meet us and fly us to Lake Simard where we will fish for the next five days.

We should be back to the cabin in the Adirondacks late Saturday night. I'll post a report on our fishing trip--with pictures--some time on Sunday.

Anything about the log home will have to wait. Don, Adam, Kyle and Jim will be working everyday but Tuesday. I'm sure they will make some great progress without me.

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