Friday, October 03, 2008

Raw fall days at the Aerie

Yesterday's high temperature here at the Aerie was a mere 51 degrees and it was overcast, breezy and drizzly much of the day. This morning has started out with more of the same.

I turned the heat on yesterday for the first time this season and we've kept all the windows closed. Inside it's been right around the 65 degree mark which is where we like to keep things during the winter. It's actually quite comfortable at that temperature as long as we shift to the long sleeve shirts. The radiant floor heat seems very comfortable at the low setting. It's the damp that makes things a bit raw. If things don't warm up and dry out between now and 2 PM, I'll be seriously considering lighting a fire to farm the house.

The propane company came by the beginning of September but after checking the level in our tank made no delivery. The gauge read almost 70% full at the time. The last delivery was in April and since then we've only been using our gas for hot water (and on-demand system) and cooking. Using the grill outside and its 20 lb. tank (had to refill that just once this summer) for many of our meals has even reduced our use of the house supply further. I'm not looking forward to the first fill-up and the bill.

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