Sunday, July 11, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 33
"Free" Day in Anchorage (pt 2)

Okay. I heard you shouting "Encore! Encore!" (At least that's what I imagine I heard.)

Here's the report from today's all too brief outing.

Paul took us up to Flattop and arranged for the sun to illuminate the distant mountains. (It helps to have a Reverend on your side!)

Looking down from Flattop's observation platform, we could see mountains out to 125-130 miles away. Even Paul was surprised.

Starting on our far right and panning across the Inlet and to our left here's what we saw. (If I've got some of the names incorrect, I hope that you'll correct me, Paul. Seems my 4'10-1/2" memory stick missed a couple and we had to check DeLorme maps of Alaska as well as the Milepost for some help.) As always you can click to enlarge the photo.

Mt Iliamna

Mt Redoubt

The Aleutian Chain

The Neacola Mtns with Fire Island in the foreground

Sleeping Woman

Mt Hunter?

Downtown Anchorage

Terry & Me on Flattop

After Flattop we took a turn down The Seward Highway and followed the coast of the Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet down to Girdwood. We stopped along the way at Beluga Point but there were no whales about.

Beluga Point

After a lunch at Maggie's Bistro in Girdwood/Aleyska we returned to the hustle and bustle of the campground.

So that's what we did today. I hope your day was as enjoyable.


BTW, If you're finding my account of this journey interesting, you might want to check out the Wandering Woolfolk's blog for more. They're up from Tennessee and seem to be really enjoying their sojourn in the north with their little friend Yoda. And, unlike Sam McGee they've seldom if ever complained about the cold.


Oh yeah. Paul, I thought you might want that picture of you that I forgot to take to prove to your MIL that you really did take us on a tour. You know, just in case.


Rev. Paul said...

Nice pics, friends. It's "Sleeping Lady", btw, but not bad considering you first heard the legend from me, only today.

The range you called "Neacola" is the Tordrillo Mtns. The Neacolas are farther west, if I remember correctly.

Since my pic of the two of you at Flattop corresponds to the one you published here, the story stands up to MIL scrutiny. :^)

threecollie said...

Breathtaking photos! So cool that you met Paul.

RT said...

Beautiful photos! :) Very nice picture of you and the missus, too.

joated said...

Paul, I told Terry it was Sleeping Woman, but she corrected me and I had no strength to argue.

As for the Neacola, that was her suggestion too after looking at some maps. As I said, she is my memory chip but even she is getting overwhelmed. There are just so many new names and some near impossible spellilngs. It's difficult to determine where the native names are being used, when there are Russian names being used and when the English and Americans screwed up the spellings of the former two.