Monday, July 19, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 41:
Denali to Fairbanks & North Pole

Sitting at the Riverview RV Park in North Pole, AK.

Made it through Denali without getting eaten by a griz.

Made it through the Denali Salmon Bake without bursting.

Made it through Glitter Gulch (a small string of stores and shops near the fancy lodges outside Denali Park) without having my wallet suffer total collapse.

Made it from Denali to Fairbanks to North Pole without having the highway swallow us up. (And, yes, you do head south from Fairbanks to get to North Pole.)

Placed our bet on Ice Out on the Tanana at Nenana's Visitor's Center.

More later on all those activities.

For now, if you want to get an idea of what we have accomplished and what we will be doing you can look at Rev. Paul's posts from his weekend sojourn: here and here

As for now, we're off to eat with the Elves. (Santa goes off the clock at 4:30 PM and will not be available.)


Rev. Paul said...

I didn't post on Glitter Gulch, as all we did was drive past it ... and Hurricane Gulch wasn't any more windy than the rest of the 60 miles preceding it. We fought headwinds most of the way from Fairbanks to the Denali entrance, along with the rains & unbanked turns.

Glad you survived your touring, too.

ruthann said...

i knew it! i just knew it!! there IS a santa claus!!!!
....totally enjoying the armchair trip through your blog!! keep having the great time you seem to be having!! hi to terry too!

joated said...

Yes, ruthann, there IS a Santa Claus!

Paul, you didn't stop at the other gulches either. And as for those winds you spoke of...try doing that with a 27'trailer in tow! We drove from Houston to Healy (just north of Denali for those of you keeping score) on Saturday, too. And the rain poured down starting late Saturday and all through the night. No T-storms, however, and it stopped before our tour of Denali Park.