Friday, April 29, 2011

Another wedding

No. Not the one in England.

A week ago tonight my eldest niece, Kristen, got engaged to the fella she's been dating for a year, Rich. In fact, they were out celebrating their 1-year dating anniversary when he popped the question. (Rich, when she brought you to Christmas Eve, it was just a matter of time.)

When I heard the news, I began to wonder when they would tie the knot. All the suitable holidays had previously been taken for this year. We've got one wedding in Milwaukee Memorial Day weekend, one near Portland, Maine, on 4th of July weekend, and one in Springfield, New Jersey the Friday after Labor Day. (Labor Day weekend we've a clam bake at the base of Cape Cod, but that's a different story and not family related.) Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas I dismissed as being unlikely times to wed. So when, I wondered would they get married?

I had forgotten a couple of possibilities still available in 2011: Flag Day (to small a holiday), Columbus Day (possible although neither is even half Italian), and Veterans' Day. They opted for the latter's traditional day of 11/11--although neither has any connection to the military, it is close to her Mom's (and my sister's) birthday (11/13). And for a very small, town hall ceremony with a reception to follow.

I wish Kristen and Rich all the best.

So that's four weddings this far. Two years ago it was three.

Still think the best plans would be a ladder before and a post card after.

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Rev. Paul said...

"a ladder before and a post card after" ... heck, yeah. Having been through a largish wedding myself, I'm with you on this one.