Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boots, Birds, Plans, and Memories

Holy mackerel! THEY got it correct. AccuHunch said it was going to clear up this afternoon and that the temperature would reach 71-72 degrees as the sun would appear late in the afternoon. And they were correct! (They also said we might have some T-storms before all that happened and they got that one wrong. I'll be generous and let that one slide, though.)


I mentioned last week that I was going out to purchase a new pair of boots. That mission was accomplished on Friday when we visited a boot shop over in the town of Troy to the east of here. They are Danner boots but not the ones I initially wanted. I would have had to order those. These were the Quarry GTX model with an alloy (read aluminum) toe instead of steel. They are several ounces lighter but are supposed to meat the same safety requirements. I hope I never find out. I've dropped logs on my toes before and even with the steel toes, that hurts! Nice thing about the Danner boots is that, should they be damaged in any way, they can renew/repair them.

My new Danner Boots

If it ever stops raining long enough, I may actually be able to wear them while I go out to cut firewood and move rocks around for a new garden bed--or two.


The bird populations have changed a little. The redpolls have finally gotten the message and flown somewhere. I started hanging the feeders again on Sunday and they never materialized.

The juncos are the most abundant bird out there right now. You would think that birds known commonly as "Snow Birds" would spend more time further north, but we have some around all summer. Right now there are 25 to 20 of them visiting the feeders on a regular basis. They are not big on the use of perch feeders. Instead, they feed on the ground or the trays.

There have been an increasing number of Purple Finches showing up and a few Goldfinches are making an appearance as well.

Joining the juncos on the ground and trays, are a half dozen or so White-throated Sparrows. Today one of them posed for a portrait on the deck rail.

White-throated Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow


I spotted a pair of groundhogs in the woods just west of the lawn area. They take flight quickly when I step out on the porch. I may have to keep the air rifle loaded if I want any string beans or cucumbers this summer.


Tomorrow will be a busy day. Terry and I have appointments to have our eyes checked in the morning. I've already determined I will need to get new glasses even if the prescription is the same. I didn't need new ones last year but there have been a few more scratches added over time and the frames have started to wear. In fact, one of the wires on the nose piece broke last week so I had to have them solder it for me. I picked out new frames at that time and had them set them aside for me.

Once we finish up at the optometrist, we have to pack the kittehs up and schlep off to the vets. All three are due for rabies and other shots/boosters as well as general check-ups. They hate traveling and, even though its just a five or six mile ride, I can be sure that at least two of them will be ill. But once they are on the examination table? Nothing but purrs. They love the attention.

In the afternoon, I hope to be able to get out into the garden and turn some soil--maybe even get the onions in the ground. AccuHunch promises there will be no rain...until Friday.


It was five years ago today that we laid the first log in the building of the Aerie. It was a sunny, warm day and would be so for the next five or six work days. As a result, the walls went up quickly.

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JihadGene said...

Hope your week remains rain free and you can put those boots to work! Love those bird pics as well as the first logs!