Monday, February 25, 2013

Mardi Gras Parades (Part 2)

Okay, two more photos from the night-time parades.

In celebrating the famous in Louisiana, it's difficult to overlook the French Quarter in New Orleans. This float celebrated that famed street in style. Notice the wrought iron and brick design. Like most floats, it's two stories tall and folks on the top are as likely to through all sorts of stuff at you as those on the bottom tier are to hand a plush toy to a tot. Look at all the beads hung up behind the ladies! (Beads, toys, candy, memorabilia, etc, are referred to as "throws" because they, well, get thrown to the crowd.) When the parade's over, there won't be much left.

Honoring the French Quarter.

The Gulf of Mexico is not only the home to a huge gas and oil business, but fishing as well. This particular float played a bit loosely with the monsters of the deep that may be encountered off the Louisiana coast.

Things in the Gulf

We collected all our beads and stuff so we would have something to throw on Mardi Gras Day in the Kaplan parade. Some folks resell their loot at yard sales during the year. Others simply donate them to charities so they can do the reselling. Most parades had at least one "float" near the end that served as a collection float for such a charity. Even so, riding the street after the parade--even the next day!--you could see huge amounts of beads, cups, toys, and litter along the parade route.


Rev. Paul said...

Still looks like fun. We may have to get down there, one of these years.

threecollie said...

Love the pics and info you are sharing. And the beads. Love them too. lol