Friday, July 12, 2013

My Knees and Me.

Okay. I feel a bit better now.

On a personal note....

It's Knee-Day minus two. On Monday morning I'll be going to Corning Hospital to have both my knees replaced. The time in the OR should be around 4+ hours. Then it will be three days in Joint Camp (one floor, private rooms, PT twice a day) before being sent out for another three or four days  at a rehab facility. It will be a week from Monday--minimum--before I get back to the Aerie.

In preparation for my new knees, I've been giving the old ones quite a workout. Over the last month, I spent two weeks up at the Bolt Hole working in the woods trying to repair trail damage and cutting firewood. Twice I cut the lawn up there using the push mower. And at the Aerie, I cut the grass twice, cut some firewood and generally wore the heck out of the originally issued set of knees. The restricted movement and pain I experienced convinced me that the surgery is indeed needed.

There were also two long road trips into New Jersey. One for the celebration of my niece's little Sami's first birthday and the second to celebrate my Mother-in-law's 90th. Stops every two hours or so to get out of the car and walk about were required to ease the stiffness in both knees.

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