Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
It's only a day away!

Tomorrow I report to Corning Hospital at 8:15 AM to have both my knees replaced. They call it bilateral knee replacement. I'll be bionic!

No food or drink after midnight. Clear liquids (like black coffee, thank God!) are okay.

I'm the second patient for my surgeon tomorrow. He's got a single knee first so he should be warmed up and alert when my time comes. Even so, 4+ hours in the OR is a looooong time. I'm not likely to be worth much in the aftermath. At least not until Tuesday.

I'm told physical therapy will start Monday afternoon. They're kidding, right? Then it's two-a-days for until Thursday or Friday before I'm released to a half-way house for a couple of days of more PT. I hope my drill sergeants go easy on me. (Not really. The tougher the training, the faster the healing.)

I've been exercising my knees--along with the rest of me--pretty hard the last couple of weeks. The knees have let me know I may have pushed too hard. Good! The pain they are experiencing just confirms my decision to have them replaced. I think I've about worn this pair out.

The hospital has wi-fi and I may have Terry bring the laptop Tuesday or Wednesday depending upon my regimen and how doped up I feel with pain killers. Until then it will be crosswords and sudoku and, maybe I'll start rereading Terry Pratchett's Disc World series...again.


Rev. Paul said...

May the operation go quickly, without complications, and may you heal quickly & the therapy go well.

Brigid said...

A bit late as things at home and work have been a bit crazy, but hoping it all went well and you are healing nicely. I never appreciated my knees until I blew a miniscus out in a fall. Be well.