Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Night Ramble

We got another 0.15 inches of rain Tuesday night which really soaked everything in the garden where the closely packed tomato plants lean against one another creating a nearly impenetrable jungle. I decided that rather than get myself soaked picking a few that ripened since Tuesday noonish, that I would let them stay until I get back from physical therapy on Thursday. That should give me another full bucket of cherry tomatoes and another half dozen Rutgers. Processing the accumulated tomatoes will take the rest of Thursday afternoon and should produce a couple of quarts of tomato sauce. The exact amount will depend upon how much I want to boil it down to thicken it.


I managed to get on the stationary bike in the basement today and succeeded in peddling for 10 minutes. I had been having trouble getting the left knee to go around because the peddle placement wanted to bend the knee a tad too much. I guess PT has given me a little more bend to the knee. I can add the bike to my regimen. (Good thing too since walking the deck is out when it rains and I've got to do figure eights in the house until I get the garage cleaned up and the treadmill operational.)

PT tomorrow morning will be what they refer to as "clinical" which means on land. Standard "pain & torture" exercises. All (or at least mostly) self inflicted under the watchful eye of a therapists aide who is on hand to direct you to the next exercise, hand you any needed equipment or time a particular activity. They can also pick up the pieces when you start to fall apart. The young man (yeah, there's only one now that the other has gone back to college) and girls who serve in that role are actually very nice and encouraging. Virtually every one has had some major injury requiring therapy and they know what you're going through. We laugh and joke and they see to it you're doing the exercises correctly and push you to the limit. I know that I will eventually "graduate" and I will miss them.


Got an email from Terry today saying they were having a wonderful time in Poland. She loved Krakow and they had a semi-private Chopin concert. (Only seven people in the audience. There's got to be a story behind that. At the museum perhaps?) Today they were heading for Auschwitz and the salt mines. Then they get in touch with family and visit them for a couple of days. One, Anna, was here in 1972 and attended our wedding. Terry then sent her wedding dress to Poland and Anna wore it when she got married. It may have been used several more times since then.


Just as well I didn't plan to do anything this evening outside. It started to rain around 4 PM and poured (thunder off in the distance towards Wellsboro in the west) until nearly 7:30 PM. We may still get a bit more before midnight but the next two days look to be lovely.

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Rev. Paul said...

It's good to read that you're getting back into the swing of things, if slowly. I'm glad the PT is going so well.