Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Mid-week Report: Travel and Not

Terry is currently in Fairfield, CA and American Canyon, CA visiting with her sister, Lucille, and niece, Laura, and Laura's baby son, Matthew. THis after she had been in Anaheim visiting with our daughter Jessica--and picking up the Jeep after the Road Trip had been interrupted by Mom's sudden demise.

Tomorrow she heads east with plans to be home Sunday or Monday. Four days across country is not surprising. It's easier going east to west since you gain hours with each times zone. And it's even easier with a second driver. I've been telling her to go easy and keep an eye on the weather.


Meanwhile, I'm taking the opportunity to do some yard work before winter sets in. This afternoon, I pushed the lawn mower about cutting the grass for the final time and chopped up and bagged the leaves at the same time. I still have a flat section to do but it hasn't got as many leaves so I shouldn't have to stop to empty the bag too often. With rain forecast for Thursday morning, I may have to put that off until Friday.

In lieu of mowing the lawn I'll be spending time in the garage, basement and--maybe--the attic--trying to organize some of the clutter before it gets completely out of hand. And before we have to start taking in some of Mom's stuff to pile it upon Jess' stuff and the few boxes of Rick's stuff that we have stored away for them. (All that is atop the boxes and boxes of our stuff.)

Luckily the Rutgers Alumni Club of Central PA is having a clothing drive this weekend. We took a half dozen bags of clothes from Mom's house and I've added a bag or two of my clothes.

I might even find time to watch some football this weekend.


Rev. Paul said...

Srsly, what are you going to do in your spare time?

At least you won't get bored!

joated said...

Well, there's always watching reruns of Castle. (I've already memorized all of the NCIS episodes.)