Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 17 Knees and More are Growing Old(er)

The knees are growing older--and less painful. With the well acting up this week, I was up and down the basement steps--a lot. Then going in to NJ to clean up Terry's Mom's house meant more up and down stairs and toting stuff. (More below on those activities.)I can't say that they don't hurt at all, but they almost hurt less than before surgery and they are getting better as compared to their getting worse weekly prior to surgery. And, with rifel deer season just around the corner, that's important to me.


We're spending this week doing some work in NJ cleaning up Terry's Mom's home. I went in on Saturday and Terry and Lucille came in on Sunday night. Time to pack up all the odds and ends we didn't throw away, move some of the furniture out to open up space, and do those things that will make the house more salable.

Today, while the girls did some packing and met with a realtor and lawyer, I hauled some stuff back to PA. Some of it will go to the dump tomorrow (Linden doesn't pick up anything but kitchen garbage until December 18th without a fee), some will make its way to a second hand store in Mansfield, and some will go into the pantry. (Mom may not have been a prepper, but she sure took advantage of sales at the grocery stores: canned goods, aluminum foil, Saran wrap, Kleenex, paper towels and toilet paper abound. We may not have to purchase any of those items until April.) 

Terry says the realty representative was impressed with the size of the interior (looks much smaller on the outside--not quite Tardis-like but still larger inside than it appears) and all the recent improvements Mom had made within the last 5-10 years: new roof, new carpets, converting from oil to gas and the new furnace that entails, new paint job upstairs, etc.

Terry and Lucille took Mom's auto (10 years old and just 25,800 miles) to a mechanic to get it checked out. It was making some peculiar sounds when we went back and forth to the airport two weeks ago. We need to make sure it's in fine condition before we get the title transferred to Brian next week. He and his wife, Vicki, will fly in for Thanksgiving and drive the car back to Milwaukee. 

Tomorrow I'll be driving back to NJ to rejoin the girls and pick up another load of stuff to be hauled westward. 

All this back and forth with a truckload of stuff reminds me of 2006 when we moved out of NJ and had to store our stuff either at a facility in Mansfield or up in the Adirondacks. It's 250 miles one way just like it was back then. Lots of time to think while I'm driving. Still, seeing the same 150 mile stretch of I-80 time after time grows old quick. Makes me want to make a new, different road trip.


Rev. Paul said...

No rest for the weary, eh? I hope you get everything wrapped up as quickly as possible.

joated said...

Nope, no rest at all. A speedy resolution would be nice, but with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve coming up, I'm not sure there'll be many folks looking to make a move.