Sunday, December 07, 2014

Hunting and Weather Report

It rained all day on Saturday...except when it turned to snow around 3 PM. This morning the trees around the Aerie and above were coated with ice. Ice that glistened in the sun when it finally rose above the hill. And it was a clear, sunny day today.

I took a ride after lunch and found there was no snow at all just 200 feet down the hill and that the ridge road above the house was still icy and the trees still glistening. The temps down on Route 6, about 1000 feet below, were up to 35-36 degrees even when those around the Aerie were still around 28 degrees. It later got up to 34 degrees...for about an hour...when the full power of the sun hit the Aerie.

I also noticed that all the hunting camps below and above the Aerie were vacant. Looks like I'll have the whole mountain to myself tomorrow. I just hope that doesn't include an absence of deer! I've two doe tags and a buck tag still burning a hole in my pocket. And Terry's been careful to leave room in the freezer...just in case.

The weather forecast for this week is on the iffy side. Winter weather warnings have gone up for counties to the east of here with a possibility of 8 inches of snow starting Tuesday into Wednesday. We're not included in the warning and are forecast to receive "just" 3 or 4 inches. Enough that I'll be busy with cleanup on Wednesday. But then there are snow showers (around 1 inch each) forecast for Wednesday night, Thursday and even Friday. Sounds like an interesting week ahead.

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