Monday, March 28, 2016

Back to the Drawing Board

So much for the gate being the answer to the bear incursions on the deck.

Last night I heard some rattling of the gate around 11:30 PM and came down to see if it had held them out. No, all four were on the deck checking out the tray feeder (empty) and the places where the stick feeders hang (empty). I flipped on the deck lights and watched as all four (Mom and her three cubs--very large cubs) went over the gate using the corner post like a pole dancer on Friday night. 

They ARE determined!  After several unsuccessful forays on the deck, you'd think they'd figure out it's NOT a food source any more. But, as Terry told me, it's on their rounds and therefore must be checked.



Ruth said...

Can you make the gate into a full height piece? Leave it in two pieces, so you can leave it half open if you want, but that way you can fill the opening.

joated said...

It would have to enclose the entire side of the deck...and probably some of the rest as well, just to keep them from going around the post. Then they'd probably climb one of the other support posts and slip over the rail...even if it's a 10-12' high climb.

Rev. Paul said...

My college psych professor told us, "The difference between men and mice is that mice will eventually look somewhere else for the cheese, after it's been moved." Let's hope the bears move on eventually, as well.

Ruth said...

barbed wire? Good luck :/

joated said...

A-n-d...They returned once more on Monday night around 9:30 PM. I was still downstairs and the inside lights were on. Mom and one cub made it over the gate before I flicked on the deck lights catching the other two cubs in the process of hoisting their amble derrieres over the gate/rail. A bang on the door got me a blank look--and two fleeing cubs. Mom and the other cub came around the corner at a trot and hefted themselves over and away.

No seeds were on the deck so hopefully we'll get them to realize this stop is futile.