Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Just Livin' the Life of Riley!
(Please don't tell him.)

In lieu of either discussing politics (This is the best either party has to offer? To me Senator Cruz is the only one who is sane, intelligent and steadfast in his beliefs and not bought and paid for by some outside interest. Democrats: Really? A septuagenarian socialist and a person who lies with every breath she takes?) and/or terrorism (Why can't the folks in the White House--or their friends in the main stream media--call it what it is?), let me stick with something a bit closer to home: Life at the Aerie:


Not so busy this far.

As chief cook, Terry got off easy over the weekend. As I mentioned, there was plenty of opportunities to get out and eat for a good cause Saturday and Sunday. (And that was after she had her weekly Lenten Luncheon on Thursday and Simple Supper at Holy Child on Friday evening (basically soup and bread).)

Saturday morning we had pancakes at Miller's Maple Products. We also bought a couple of pints of syrup, some delicious pecan and maple syrup sauce, some "maple salt" (maple sugar, salt and pepper--use it sparingly on meat dishes), and some buttermilk pancake mix.

Saturday evening we had a chicken and biscuit dinner at the Mainesburg United Methodist Church. Where we got to see our former postmistress and schmooze with the young minister. (It's sort of odd that both this church and the United Methodist Church in Wellsboro both got new, young (I'd say 26-28 years of age) ministers over the summer. The one in Mainesbirg is Tim Parker while the one in Wellsboro is Rich Hanlon. Mr. Hanlon is an avid birder and has been participating in the Tiadaghton Audubon Society meetings and walks. I've also run into him a couple of times while out birding. Both are very nice, friendly guys.)

Sunday morning the Mansfield Fire Company had their monthly breakfast: eggs; bacon; pancakes; french toast; biscuits and gravy; muffins; juice; and coffee. And the Boy Scouts bus the tables. What's not to like!


So far the rest of the week has been pretty normal.

I spent Monday in the workshop knocking together a couple of wood bee traps to hand on the deck come warmer weather. Damn bees like burrowing into the logs and timbers. I've been using the long range wasp spray but the little buggers flit about like hummingbirds and a devilishly difficult to hit on the wing. Besides, I can't sit out on the porch all summer like Clint Eastwood with a shotgun yelling, "You bees get off my house!"

Tuesday I cut out the parts for two simple, basic birdhouses and put one of them together. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these houses, but at least I'm getting rid of some of the wood scrap from when we built the Aerie back in '06 AND I'm get more confident in my use of the power tools I've been neglecting. Pretty soon I'll be back to some more serious projects.

After reading online about massive migrations of birds, I thought Wednesday would be a good day to go see. I did and found that if there was a big migration, they weren't landing here. Hills Creek and the Muck were pretty empty. Only a Pied-billed Grebe (FOTY) on the lake made the day worthwhile.

Terry's been doing her usual: stitching, cooking, go to Curves. Surprisingly she hasn't had any club meetings this week. Could be because it's the week leading up to Easter or it could just be a fluke. She does have church services, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Oh yeah, and Saturday she takes our Easter dinner to get blessed.


Shadow does not like getting pills. But she has become resigned to the fact. She's been sleeping on a loveseat in the basement and doesn't attempt to run away when I go get her at medicine time. Which, BTW, is twice a day. Not that she opens her mouth voluntarily. No, I still have to pry her jaws open while Terry uses the pill "gun" to get the pill as far back in her throat as possible.

Her appetite seems to have improved as well. We've been experimenting with various foods and found a few that are free of fish and dairy that she has scarfed down. She comes bouncing up the steps every couple of hours for her "special" kibble, too.

As for the scabs...they seem to be drying up and flaking off. I haven't seen any open sores for several days.

AND she has stopped vomiting both her stomach contents and hairballs.


Less than two weeks to Opening Day of Major League Baseball!
Let's Go Mets!

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Rev. Paul said...

It's good to hear that Shadow is much improved. Congrats!