Friday, June 02, 2017

Alaskan Cruise: Day 11—Homeward Bound

Brian, Vicky and George took an early morning flight to Minneapolis and then on home to Milwaukee. Terry and I took our time getting breakfast and then having the desk call us a cab to take us to the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

The cabby turned out to be from Buffalo, NY. He came to Anchorage for a three month job six years ago and hasn’t left. He flies back east to see family, but they won’t come to Anchorage because they say it’s too cold. They’re from Buffalo for crying out loud!

At the airport we discovered we were too early to check our bags. Told so by a young attendant who asked if I was related to someone Faber—her father, I presume. She was from Milwaukee but no relative. We chatted a bit about how Faber is Dutch (her mother said it was German) and meant smith or worker. Then we went to sit for a bit until we could check our bags.

Bull Moose in the lobby of the airport.

Wood carving in the lobby of the airport.
As per usual, Terry pulled out some stitching to do while we waited. This project happens to be some smocking for a Christmas stocking for Justin.

Getting through the TSA check, we stopped Norton Sound restaurant for a bite to eat and then wandered down to our gate to await our Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. That flight took off right on time and arrived in Seattle as scheduled.

The transfer in Seattle was almost too easy. We arrived at gate 15 and were to take off at gate 16. Shortest airport walk. Ever!

We grabbed a sandwich and some iced tea and sat down to await our boarding call. While we waited, they made an announcement that they had several first class seats available for $100 apiece. Terry looked at me, I looked at her and we both stood up go up to the desk.

First class! Nice way to end a great vacation. 

The sun began to appear somewhere over Indiana.

I believe this is the West Branch of the Susquehanna River north of Lock Haven, PA.

Well, almost end. The flight to Newark was uneventful and on time. Then I had to drive back to the Aerie. On Sunday morning. Of Memorial Day weekend. Piece of cake! Everyone who was going anywhere was already there. The rest were in church or recovering from Saturday night. Made the trip home in just about 4 hours. 

The only eventful things to happen on I-80 were having some clown from Ohio zoom up to my rear bumper—twice! (He must have stopped for gas between.) And seeing an unmarked trooper’s car pull him over after the second occurrence. Karma!

Then, at the first west-bound rest area in PA, we found the local Voyager Scouts handing out coffee and Dunkin Donuts for a donation. I put a five in the till and Terry and I were caffeinated and our stomachs satisfied enough to get home where Chester tried to trip us, Julie nipped at Terry, Shadow demanded food, and Miss Kitteh hid for two hours before figuring we were safe.

I’d do go to Alaska again in a minute. Whether by cruise ship or RV. Doesn’t matter. Around every bend there’s beautiful scenery and friendly people.

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