Saturday, June 17, 2017

On the road: Lincoln City, OR to Moab, UT.

So Terry and I arrived in Lincoln City, OR mid-day on Monday and spent three and a half days with our son, Rick, his wife, Sandy, the two grandkids, Chelsea and Justin, and Sandy's parents, John and Cindy. We went crabbing (caught three in an hour but they were a shade too small to keep), ate some clams that Rick dug, cleaned and cooked, played with both grandkids a lot, and generally had a very good time.

That came to an end on Thursday and while everybody else headed to Portland, Terry and I headed southeast to go to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks in southeast Utah. In our many trips west, we had never stopped at either of these places and figured why not.

It took us two days of hard driving to get to Moab, Utah but the scenery through southeastern Oregon, along US-50 in Nevada, and finally along I-70 in Utah as we approached Moab was worth the trouble.

We had called ahead for a motel room (a good decision!) and pulled up to the Hampton Inn aroun 8:30 Friday evening.

Twas no time to take pictures along the way.

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