Friday, April 30, 2021

It's been THAT long?!

I was tooling around the interwebs this evening and got invited to join a new RVing site called RVillage. In the midst of filling out some background questions it asked for my blog's URL. Well. Long story short, I didn't immediately recall what it was! Still, I figured I could get it by clicking on the convenient link I had over in my favorites. Nope! That took me to a page for composing blog entries and not the finished blog itself. I sat and thought for a moment and finally came up with the correct wording that got me to this page. That's when I noticed the last entry was April 21 of 2018! Just over three years ago! Between my addiction to Facebook and my vascular issues (starting June 2019) and COVID-19 madness (starting March 2020), I just haven't been posting much here. Not that there's been a whole lot of things to post besides the quarterly visits to the OR to open up the bypass in my left leg so I can keep my foot. (Soon to be matched by the operation on my RIGHT leg to improve the blood flow to that foot. I suppose I could post pictures of birds from the back yard--or cats. We've got lots of cats! Only ginger and calico are missing from our entourage. Aside from the hospital, I've not gone anywhere. And Terry's not gone anywhere either as she has perfected her ZOOM meeting techniqes for both EGA and SAGA. This weekend she's even taking a seminar via ZOOM. (It has to do with various stitching techniques and uses beads so the cats are locked out of her sewing room for the duration.) Well, I quess that's about all for now. I'll be back tomorrow--maybe-- with more drivel.