Sunday, December 31, 2006

"This Doesn't Define Me"

Go on over and read Esquire’s featured story by/about Sgt Bryan Anderson.

He’s a triple amputee from the Iraq conflict who will tire you out. And his attitude is the best!

You have two options once this happens: Roll over and die or move on. I chose to move on. I'm still me. I'm just 75 percent off. Get a great deal on Bryan Andersons this week. You know who actually told me that the first time? My mom. We were in Vegas, talking about T-shirts we should make, and she said 75 percent off. She said, You should get a shirt showing off your personality.

This doesn't define me. It may be how I look on the outside, but it's not who I am. I guess you could remember me easily as being a triple amputee, but it's not who I am, has nothing to do with who I am. I've always been the same person.

What’s he done since losing both legs and his left arm to an IED?
I've been wakeboarding, water-skiing, jet-skiing, tubing, rock climbing, snow skiing, playing catch with my brother. I try to do the same things. I'm not going to let it stop me. We did a 110-mile bike ride from Gettysburg to Washington, D. C. Sixty miles the first day, fifty miles the second day. Hand cycle, three wheels. I ended up ripping the glove, breaking the hand, breaking the whole socket. I might do it a little differently, but I'm still going to do it. I didn't actually get up water-skiing. I was up for a second then my arm ripped off and I fell.

I went up to Alaska for the National Wheelchair Games. I participated in two events, Ping-Pong and archery, and I won gold medals in both.

How does he feel about his loss?
Everything that has happened to me since I've been hurt has happened to me because I've been hurt. I got to go to the Pentagon. There's this quarter-mile-long hallway that is just filled with people, and I mean filled with people. There's a little space to go through and everyone is clapping and crying and coming up and hugging you. Okay, that's great. But what about all the people who did the same exact thing that I did that didn't get hurt? They should get the same recognition we do. We all did the same thing. Some people just got the shit end of the stick, that's all. It's all luck….

From every decision you make, you learn something, whether it was the right decision or the wrong decision. I believe everything happens to you for a reason, and it's going to happen to you regardless. So whether I was in Iraq fighting or I was walking across the street and got hit by a bus, it was going to happen to me regardless.

I don't regret anything.

Go read the entire very inspirational story of Sgt Bryan Anderson.

Hat tip to Cassandra at: Villainous Company (from whom I stole the title of this post)

Friday, December 29, 2006

#16 Scarlet Knights Tame KSU Wildcats 37-10 in Texas Bowl

Rutgers R.small
Rutgers used its two strongest weapons, Sophomore running back Ray Rice and a very stingy defense, to whip the Wildcats of Kansas State in the first ever Texas Bowl in Houston last night. The final score was 37-10 but it could have been much, much worse.

Only Yamon Figurs’ 76 yard return of a Joe Radigan 36 yard punt with 9:37 remaining in the first half provided much of a spark of hope for the KState fans. The return made the score Rutgers 14, Kansas State 10 but that would be all she wrote for Kansas. (KState would have only 77 yards net offense in the first half; just one yard more than Figurs’ punt return.)

Ray Rice rushed for 170 yards and a TD on 24 carries leading 16th ranked Rutgers to a 37-10 victory over Kansas State. Sophomore Ray Rice earned MVP honors at the Texas Bowl.

Rice gained eight more yards than the Rutgers defense permitted the KS Wildcats in the entire game as the Scarlet Knights’ seventh ranked defense held the Wildcats’ offense to just 162 net yards. The RU offense gained 479 yards, averaging 7.4 yards per play. It was the fifth time this season Rice surpassed 150 yards in a game and his 25th touchdown in 25 career games at RU. With 2,914 yards to his credit, Rice is now just 200 yards shy of Terrell Willis’ mark as the Scarlet Knights’ all-time career rushing leader.

Freshman Tim Brown scored two first quarter touchdowns on receptions of 14 and 49 yards. It was Browns first career start. He came into the game with just three receptions and one touchdown. He finished the Texas bowl with four receptions, two touchdowns and 101 yards.

Senior linebacker Quintero Frierson returned an interception 27 yards for a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage of the second half.

Junior kicker Jeremy Ito converted on 3 of 5 field goal attempts and all four PATs. Ito’s 13 points pushed him passed Senior fullback Brian Leonard on the all-time scoring list> Ito now has 280 points to Leonard’s career total of 272.

Leonard caught a pass in the first quarter giving him a reception in each of his 47 career games. He is Rutgers’ all-time reception leader with 207 catches.

Senior tight end Clark Harris had seven catches for 122 yards and, with 2,015 reception yards, moved to fifth place for reception yards in the RU record books.

Sophomore quarterback Mike Teel completed the 2006 season going 45-69 for 692 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions in his last three games. He registered a pass efficiency rating of 173.37 while averaging 230.7 yards per game and completing 65.2 percent of his passes.

(Game Story and stats here.)

Rutgers, allegedly the third best team in the Big East, has provided the second victory for the conference in bowl games this season. Southern Florida downed East Carolina, 24-7, in the Bowl.

Still to come:
Jan. 1: Gator Bowl: #13 West Virginia vs Georgia Tech
Jan. 2: Orange Bowl: #6 Louisville vs #14 Wake Forest
Jan. 6: The International Bowl: Cincinnati vs Western Michigan

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 55b
Home for the Holidays.

Troy joined us for a couple of days to install the railings for the steps outside and to help Adam with the wrought iron railings inside.

stair rails
The stair rails look great.

loft railing
Loft railing 2
As do the rails around the loft.

Julie finds the steps cat friendly
Julie found the steps “cat friendly”.
Chester made himself right at home.
While Chester nestled between the bed pillows.

Dining table is in place.
A table and chairs at which to sit to dine. And even a carpet beneath to protect the floor.

The bear says we're ready to entertain...
The bear says we’re ready to entertain, but he’s a bit optimistic.

Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Log Home Update: Part 55a
Home for the Holidays

Almost two weeks since I last posted? Goodness, where has the time gone!

Don, Adam, Kyle and Dan put in many long hours over the past week with the intention of getting us into the log home (officially) by Christmas.

I’ve lots of pictures. I’ll post some here and the rest in the next post.

We had a scheduled inspection from the local code inspector on Thursday and missed on a couple of things. (1) There were three outlets/circuits that needed to be GFI protected and weren’t. (All basement outlets need this protection and the island in the kitchen does too no matter how far from a source of water it is.) (2) The garage needs to have the sheetrock up to cover the insulation because the paper backing contains flammable tar. (3) The basement stairs need a railing. We were aware of the basement rail need and the garage so were not surprised by the results.

We postponed a visit from the bank (it’s nearly time to switch from a construction loan to a conventional mortgage) so as to give Don and crew a little more time to complete some of the projects that need doing.

On Monday morning, Terry left the Adirondacks with Shadow and I left PA with Chester traveling back to NJ to see the veterinarian. Both kitties had operations to ensure they could not become parents. Both returned to the PA home on Thursday and seem just fine.

Terry and I closed up the Adirondack cabin Monday afternoon/Tuesday morning and headed with full pick-up and Aveo to PA. There are still some things in the Bolt Hole’s garage that need to come south but they can wait.

Terry also made a trip to NJ on Wednesday for a stitchers’ hen party and to pick our son up at Newark. She stayed overnight and picked up the cats on Thursday.

Chimney Work:
Chimney work 01
As Don put more and more of the framing up, I thought he was going to drill for oil.

and the chimney is going up...
Don and Dan install some of the plywood sheathing as night falls.

The rest of the sheathing went up with the help of spotlights. And, no, we do NOT need to mount aviation warning lights on the top.

Inside fireplace:
Fire place is getting framed in.
Insulated and double walled chimney pipes head through the roof. The 2 x 4 framing will hold insulation and durarock (lower) or sheetrock (above the mantle). The faux stone will be cemented to the durarock.

Fireplace framing...
Even though it’s just cardboard, you can get an idea of the finished fireplace.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 54
Almost finished

(I discovered—after an hour on line—that the dial-up service at our new home was a toll call. Therefore I had no more desire to go on line. That is why it’s been more than a week since my last post.)

Lots has been happening at the log home. We are getting closer and closer to finishing the work that can be done. Some exterior work—such as staining the logs and applying stone to the chimney—will have to wait for warmer spring weather.

More trim work has been stained and applied around windows and doors as well as along the base of the walls. Adam did most of the installation while I’ve spent many an hour staining boards and doors in our basement work area.

Don finished the plumbing work in the master bathroom and has only to install the toilet in the basement to complete that portion of the job. He then began the task of framing out the fireplaces and working on the chimneys. When I left on Tuesday, one chimney had breached the roof and the other was through the first floor and heading upward.

The Loadall returns
The Loadall made a return appearance to assist in the erection of the chimney. It will make the exterior framing work of the chimney chase and the adjacent cricket much easier.

First floor fireplace 1
The zero-clearance fireplace in the living room.

First floor fireplace 2
Don framed out the box around the fireplace and chimney.

First chimney through the roof...
The zero-clearance chimney broached the roof Monday afternoon.

For Patti S., this is the front door as you will see it when you visit. (Please wait until…oh, February, though. It will take us a month or so to get moved in.)
Front entrance.

Inside of front door
Inside the foyer.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 53

Things are really coming together.

It's December 3rd and:

We have a working indoor bathroom so the porta-potty was removed from the building site. Considering the night time temperatures are in the mid-20s and the day time highs are only in the high 30s, that is a very good thing!
Working Guest Bath

Interior doors are being hung.
Door to attic
The attic door. Since the attic space is unheated this door is very necessary.

Trim is being applied to doors and windows.
Hung Doors & Trim

The second coat of primer has been applied to nearly all the walls.
o need tolook at paint drying, is there?)

Shelves have been installed in the closets.
Closet Organizers in
Every closet gets at least one of these Closet Maid organiizers.

Yeah, things are moving along pretty well.

Update: A dusting of snow on the ground this morning--December 4. It reminds me of the days back in late February and early March when the hole was being dug for the foundation--in six inches of snow.

RU Falls to WVU 41-39 In 3 OT

Rutgers R.small

West Virginia ended Rutgers’ drive for their first ever Big East title but it took them three overtimes to do it.

West Virginia tied the game 23-23 in regulation on Pat McAfee’s 30-yard field goal with 53 seconds left. (Jeremy Ito would have a chance to win on a 52-yard attempt, but the kick fell short as the second half came to a close.)

Both teams scored on field goals in the first overtime (26 all) and then touchdowns in the second (33 all). WVU scored a TD on their possession in the third overtime and was successful on the mandatory 2-point conversion. Rutgers, too, scored a TD on their possession but Mike Teel’s pass into the end zone on the conversion attempt was knocked out of the receiver’s hands and fell to the turf.

Junior place kicker Jeremy Ito temporarily tied Brian Leonard to become the all-time leading scorer in Rutgers’ history when he connected on a 37-yard field goal in the first overtime period. At the time it gave him 266 points for his career. Leonard jumped back in front with a 1-yard TD in the second overtime giving him 272 points. (Ito made the extra point to give him 267.)

Ito is the all-time Rutgers’ field goal kicker with 54 so far in his career. Second place belongs to Kennan Startzell (1976-1979)who had 46

Ray Rice finished the game with 129 yards on 25 carries. It was the first time this season West Virginia allowed a 100-yard rusher.

Mike Teel had a career-high 278 yards passing on 19-for-26 (73% completion).

(Game Story and stats here.)

The loss gives Rutgers and West Virginia identical records of 10-2, 5-2 in the Big East. The Louisville Cardinals, who defeated Connecticut earlier in the day, become the Big East Champions with a record of 11-1, 6-1 in the Big East.

All three teams are bowl bound.
Louisville earned the automatic BCS bowl bid.
WVU will go to the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida where they are matched against Georgia Tech.
Rutgers will be going to the Texas Bowl to be played in Houston on Thursday, December 28, 2006
7:00 p.m. CST. They face off against Kansas State.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Terry and the Kitties

Terry says she can’t get anything done at the cabin. Whenever she sits down, someone occupies her lap. This evening she had all three of the cats climb into the chair with her.
Terry and the Kitties
Julie got nice and comfortable on her right…
Julie gets comfortable on the left.
…while Chester and Shadow (who are growing by leaps and bounds) set up camp smack dab in the middle of Terry’s lap.
Chester and Shadow snuggle in on what's left.

Hey, at least Terry has a nice fuzzy lap warmer(s)! And their purring is just sooooo soothing.

Knights Squeeze Orange 38-7

And it wasn’t that close.

Rutgers R.small

In their final home game of the season, Rutgers honored their seniors players and fifth-year senior Brian Leonard repaid the compliments—in spades.

Rebounding from a dissapointing road loss to Cincinnati, the Scarlet Knights came out today and ran the ball down the throats of the Syracuse Orange. Leonard who has been unspectacular as a ball carrier this year but has shined as a blocker for Ray Rice, final came out of wraps to rush for 106 yards and two TDs while blocking well enough for Rice to gain 107 yards and score one TD of his own.

The two touchdowns give Leonard 266 points for his career a new Rutgers record. The former record was held by kicker Kennan Starzell who played with the 1976-1979 squads.

Meanwhile, Mike Teel completed 10 of 15 passes for 146 yards and two TDs, both to Kenny Britt. It was only the second time this season that Teel had thrown for two touchdowns in a game.

Jeremy Ito completed the scoring with a 32-yard field goal.

On defense, Courtney Greene had an interception and forced a Syracuse fumble. The RU defense managed to keep the Orange off the scoreboard until late in the fourth quarter.

(Game Story and stats here.)

Rutgers is now 10-1, 5-1 in the Big East, while Syracuse falls to 4-8, 1-5 in Big East play.

Rutgers travels to West Virginia to face the Mountaineers next Saturday.

The No. 7 West Virginia Mountaineers were stunned by South Florida this afternoon 24-19. The loss ended a West Virginia nine game home field winning streak and the WVU squad which fell to 9-2 (4-2 Big East) may have seen their hopes for a BCS bowl game disappear.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cincinnati Bearcats Maul RU 30-11

And it wasn’t that close.

I have hesitated to write anything about the disappointing but well deserved loss to Cincinnati.

Thus ends RU’s perfect season. The RU defense turned short CU passes into very long gains and allowed the Bearcats to get out to a large early lead that forced the Scarlet Knights to come from behind using their passing game. The Bearcats accumulated 402 yards of net offense: 125 yards on the ground and 277 in the air.

Mike Teel’s arm was not up to it. He threw four interceptions; one of which was returned for a TD. They more than made up for the three fumbles the Bearcats lost to the Knights.

With the loss, Rutgers slid from No. 6 to No. 15. Their record is now 9-1 overall, and 4-1 in the Big East.

The Scarlet Knights retain a share of the Big East lead with both Louisville and West Virginia. All three teams have identical records. Louisville has games remaining at Pittsburgh and at home vs. UConn. The WVU Mountaineers have home games against Southern Florida and Rutgers. Rutgers faces Syracuse at home and then goes to Morgantown for the finale against the Mountaineers.

Log Home Update: Part 52
Another slow, short week
Bear hunting and Thanksgiving

It was a slow week in PA.

Bear season started on Monday and Don and Adam spend Monday and Tuesday traipsing through the woods with about 20 other guys. They saw a couple of bears and some of the guys got shots but they only bagged one on Monday (weighed 150+ pounds). They saw none on Tuesday.

I spent the mornings walking the acres around the Aerie. (I saw nothing but got a good fix on the property corners using my GPS.) I did some work in the afternoon preparing the steps (4-inch thick slabs of white pine) that will be installed between the first and second floor.

When I arrived Monday morning I was surprised to see that Adam had managed to install all of the laminate flooring over the weekend. He was aided by his older brother, Troy. The job they did was fantastic.
Floor in place
Laminate floor has been installed in the entire first floor.

They also brought the appliances into the kitchen and put them in place. The range needs to have a 220-V circuit installed (it’s a duel-fuel range and needs electricity for the oven). An electric line has to be run for the dishwasher, too. Otherwise, the kitchen is nearly done.
Appliances almost in place
Appliances almost in place

Wednesday, Don and I spent all day at the house working to get one of the bathrooms working. It’s starting to get too cold to use the porta-john!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 51: We’re getting there!

It’s been just about 7 Months since we took delivery on the log package (April 19) and we are getting very, very close to completion. While we won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving in our new home (an unrealistic dream back in April) we should definitely be in for Christmas.

This week I worked mostly on my own as Don and Deb went off on their annual cruise for some well earned R & R and Adam and Braun went to Pittsburgh for two days where Adam attended more classes on building codes. Adam plans to take the tests in the next couple of weeks to qualify as a building codes inspector.

Since I left last Thursday, Adam had sanded the pine floors of the master suite and loft area and applied two coats of polyurethane. When he came back on Thursday afternoon (too rainy for bear hunting!) he sanded and applied the third coat. Wow! Do those floors look great!
Loft floor
Finished Loft Floor
Master Bedroom
Grilles in the windows and finished floors. Light is just streaming in!

When I left on Friday he was starting to lay the laminate floor in the dining/living room. I’ll be interested in seeing what that looks like after he and Troy work on it Saturaday and Sunday.

Much of my time was spent painting and/or polyurethaning. The basement bathroom and the garage needed to get their first coats of paint and lots of stained trim boards got their first and second coats of polyurethane.

I also pulled the protective plastic off the Anderson windows and installed nearly all of the decorative grilles in the windows and doors. Boy, does that light up the rooms! And with the drizzling, raining, miserable weather this week, anything that could brighten up the interior was welcome.
French doors
The grilles in the French doors and glass panels make a big difference. The glass on the left has not had the plastic removed. Notice how "milky" the view is. Once the sheetrock was moved, it got the same treatment as its brethren.

I also stained the front door a rich brown that is a perfect match to the kitchen cabinets.

I spent the entire week at Don and Deb’s house while they were away. Terry stayed up in the Adirondack cabin with the cats. I couldn’t be lonely though. Not with Simon and Isaac (cat) and the fish. Schuester (cat) and the horses, who were outside and required their usual feeding. The coal-burning stove required tending. Simon went to work with me every day and kept me company

Saturday, November 11, 2006


We deboned Junior today and I discovered why he stopped to look at me and allow a second shot. I didn't miss with the first shot, I was just a few inches to the left of where I was aiming.

(See The Not So Elusive Adirondack White-tail for the story of Junior's demise.)

Remember, I said he was facing away from me and I waited for him to turn about 15 degrees so I could focus on a spot just behind his right front shoulder. Instead, I hit him in the right rear hip joint shattering the upper part of his leg just below the ball. When he stopped on the other side of the tree and looked back, he was 1)in shock from the impact (probably thought it was the world's largest deer fly!) and 2)dead on his feet. When we gutted him on Thursday, I noticed a large amount of blood in the body cavity but the intestines and stomach were intact as was the liver so I thought the blood had somehow come from the neck hit. There was no sign of a hit on the outside because the bullet entered under the fur. I really didn't look that closely at the hindquarters and the fur lay back down over the entrance wound.

I feel good that I didn't miss on my first shot but we did lose some meat from the haunch because of that.

Anyway, Junior dressed out at 100 pounds hanging weight and we succeeded in putting between 45 and 50 pounds of meat on ice.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

RU Defeats Louisville 28-25
Scarlet Knights are #1 in Big East

Rutgers R.small

The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers used strong defense (and an opportune penalty) to upset the #3/4 Louisville Cardinals at Rutgers Stadium tonight on an 28-yard field goal by Jeremy Ito with 13 seconds remaining. The kick came after Ito missed a 33 yard attempt but Louisville was flagged for being off sides.

Ray Rice rushed for 131 yards and scored two touchdowns while QB Mike Teel passed for 189 yards and one TD in leading the Scarlet Knights to perhaps their most important victory in their long and storied history.

Louisville came into the game undefeated and off an upset of then undefeated West Virginia just one week ago. While the Cardinal squad jumped off to a quick 25-7 lead in the first half, in part due to a 100-yard kickoff return, they could muster no points in the second half as the RU defense came up big.

Rutgers entered the contest ranked 14/15 in the nation.

(Get the full Game Story and stats here.)

The Not So Elusive Adirondack White-tail

This is the story of a somewhat mentally challenged white-tail deer we call Junior.

Junior may, or may not, be one of the twins we were see with their momma all last year during the hunting season. Unfortunately, Junior became a little too trusting. He would show up outside Mark’s outhouse door when Mark had to answer a call of nature in the middle of the night. He would sneak up on Mark while he was himself attempting to set up an ambush and peak over his shoulder.

Junior was not a big-racked buck by any stretch of the imagination but he did have horns.

I’m using the past tense because Junior was dumb enough to give me two (albeit difficult) shots this afternoon as I walked into the woods for an afternoon hunt. I was to sit while Mark walked the west side of the property. He never got to walk because I never got to sit. Walking into the spot at which I was to sit I noticed some fresh tracks in the wet leaves. Then I noticed some fresh droppings. Then I noticed Junior.

He was standing broadside about twenty yards away from me but I couldn’t make out if he had any antlers. He turned his back to me but continued to look over his shoulder. Then I saw two pencil thin antlers inside his ears but I had no real shot. I lifted my rifle anyway and waited for him to turn sideways. (He had to turn sooner or later as there were two trees right in front of him!) He did turn, but not by much, so I aimed behind his forward shoulder and squeezed the trigger. He jumped around the two trees and peeked back at me showing no signs of having been hit! Then he leaned a little further forward to see just what all the fuss was about and that was his fatal mistake. My second shot went right through his neck and he dropped where he was standing.

I radioed Mark (who was still trying to get his boots on) to bring the ATV. Ten minutes later he pulled up with a LaBatt’s Blue in hand. And ten minutes after that, Junior was on the back of the ATV heading to the barn to be hung for the night. Tomorrow it’ll be butchering time.
Hey! You can’t eat horns!

Log Home Update: Part 50
Finished tile work, primed walls, deck railing and more!

When I left on Friday of last week we were having issues with the tile work. There was a shortage of tiles for the master bath and no tiles at all for the first floor or basement baths’ floors. Well, those issues have been resolved. The few sheets needed for the master bath came in to the supplier on Monday and the tile I selected on Friday arrived on Tuesday so on Wednesday, the tiling crew came back and did a great job finishing all three bathrooms.
Master Bath
The black bull-nose really identifies the step-up.

1st floor bath
The gray, slate tile I chose has met with everyone’s approval—thank goodness!

Basement bath
The basement bathroom floor.

But I get ahead of myself. Over the weekend, Don and the rest of his family (Debby, Adam and others) installed the outside lights on the entranceway, the garage, and the deck. They also constructed stairs for the entranceway and the deck. And they put up the rail on the deck and half of the entrance. Needless to say, I was really impressed when I got there on Monday.
Main entrance w/lights and railings
Front door had steps, lights and part of the railing when I got there on Monday.

Deck railings
The deck railings look great and give the exterior a finished look even though there is still a lot to do outside.

Outside lights
The exterior lights really dress things up, too.

(By the way, Monday morning I had to haul my travel trailer down to PA so it could get inspected. NJ must be the only area state that doesn’t require trailers be inspected so this was a new one to me. Several days of trying to set up appointments at the two places I was told did inspections proved fruitless. Then Don made a call to get some information and gave me a number to call and I was told, “Sure! Bring it in tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:00 AM and we’ll get’er done in no time.” So I did and they did and I headed back to the Adirondacks with trailer in tow by 8:30 AM Thursday.)

Tuesday we started staining wood again; this time for trim boards. All the doors, windows and baseboard will require trim boards stained a nice Golden Oak. (Braun was back for the staining part and for Wednesday’s painting.)
Staining trim
Tuesday afternoon and evening we all picked up sanding sponges and went to work on the spackled walls. When we left, all of us looked like either ghosts or snowmen but the walls were ready for painting.

Wednesday was a painting day. Except for the three bathrooms (where the tile men were at work) every sheetrocked wall got a nice coat of white primer. It’s amazing how such a simple act can give a finished look to a formerly speckled and stripped green/gray wall surface.
Primed walls 01
Guest Bedroom
Primed walls 02
Master Bedroom closets

Terry was there for most of Tuesday (lots of white dust on her face and in her hair) and most of Wednesday (remarkably little white paint on her person). She was actually headed back north on Tuesday afternoon when she blew a tire and was forced to return for a day.

Don spent the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday spackling the sheetrock in the garage. When Dan and/or Kyle showed up they too stayed in the garage but spent time putting insulation in the outside walls.
Garage 2
And this is not a low ceiling. Don was up and down the ladder hundreds of times. His knees had to be killing him!

The Kyle/Dan team did a fine job on installing the insulation as well as anything else that needed doing in the few hours after school they were present.

Thursday, Don and Adam sanded the floor in the master bedroom, master bath and loft. The tongue-and-groove 2-inch thick pine in that area is now ready for a coating (actually several) of polyurethane.

Don and Deb are heading off on a cruise vacation this Saturday. Adam has two more classes on building codes scheduled in the Pittsburgh area on Tuesday and Wednesday—Braun’s going along—(and a day bear hunting on Thursday). I’ll be working on my own for a good portion of the week while house—and horse, cat and dog—sitting for Don and Deb.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It snewed!

Up at the Bolt Hole (Adirondacks) for the weekend.

We were the beneficiaries (?) of some lake effect snow last night and this morning. The final result was nearly six inches of the stuff on the ground.



I like snow. Walking about the woods this morning in the silence of the freshly fallen stuff proved to be both enjoyable and exhausting. Oh, and frustrating, too, as I saw only a few sets of track and no deer or even a tail. I did kick up a couple of grouse that spooked me when they exploded from cover and knocked clumps of snow off the branches of the firs and hemlocks.

Friday, November 03, 2006

And then there were two

Undefeated teams in the Big East that is.

Working on the PA home and not really having time to check the news on Friday morning, having a very local radio station on all day, and forgetting the game was on ESPN Thursday night, I some how missed the report of No. 5 Louisville ending No. 3 West Virginia’s winning string at 16.

The teams combined for over 1,000 yards of offense with WVU amassing over 540 yards. But they fumbled away their chances losing by a final score of 44-34. Louisville scored in the air, on the ground and off the foot of place kicker, Art Carmody (three field goals in the first half). They also scored on a fumble recovery and on a punt return. The Cardinal’s QB, Brian Brohm threw for 354 yards and a touchdown.

West Virginia drops to 7-1 and 2-1 in the Big East. The Cardinal improves to 8-0, 3-0.

Now there are just two undefeated teams in the Big East: Louisville and No. 15 Rutgers (8-0, 3-0). And they meet next Thursday night at Rutgers Stadium. (The rankings of both teams are subject to change this Sunday with Louisville likely to move to at least No. 4 and possibly higher. Rutgers is far enough back in the pack it may well remain at No. 15, rise a slot or two or even drop after a lackluster performance against UConn last Sunday night.)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 49
Kitchen and Bathrooms

Log Home Update: Part 49
Kitchen and Bathrooms

We have put all the kitchen cabinets in place and the counter top has been installed. About half the light fixtures have been installed, too.

Kitchen 01
The view from the “dining room.” The white slot to the left will be the refrigerator and that to the right is the stove/range and hood.

All appliances are on site and ready to be installed as soon as we get a floor in place.

Some tiling finally got done this week after a series of snafus that would be comedic if not tragic. The tile for the basement and first floor bathrooms was cut in such a way as to not be square. This proved unacceptable and we, therefore, have not floors in those baths. The master bath tile was okay (although we had to wait for the single row of black for the walls) BUT we were short on the floor tiles—by four square feet. This was probably due to the angle-cuts that had to be made in front of the bathtub. Anyway we have one almost completely tiled bathroom. (Add the vagaries of having to depend upon a team of masons/tilers who were coming in from NY state—on their own schedule…well, it was interesting.) Despite all the peculiarities of the tiling, we may (and I stress may) have the tile job finished by the middle of next week.

Tile in the Master 01
Terry chose a rather classic black and white style for the tile features in the master bathroom.(The walls will eventually be painted a shade of red.)

Tile in the Master 02
This is what the tile floor looks like. Small black squares with a pinwheel of white around them. (This is also the tile we were short on. Probably due to the angle cut you see here.)

Don has finished all the sheetrock and has been diligently spackling over al the tape and screws—he’s almost finished.

Terry, Deb and I have been staining and polyurethaning the 9 paneled doors. These have been set up in the basement so we may work from one to another. Kind of reminds me of Monsters, Inc.

This is NOT the set for Monsters, Inc. It just looks that way.

Kyle and Dan have been working to install the insulation over the garage and have made great progress considering they are only working a few hours a day after school.

Adam took two days to go to a class on building codes held over in Clarks Summit. Worse, he took Braun with him.