Saturday, November 18, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 51: We’re getting there!

It’s been just about 7 Months since we took delivery on the log package (April 19) and we are getting very, very close to completion. While we won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving in our new home (an unrealistic dream back in April) we should definitely be in for Christmas.

This week I worked mostly on my own as Don and Deb went off on their annual cruise for some well earned R & R and Adam and Braun went to Pittsburgh for two days where Adam attended more classes on building codes. Adam plans to take the tests in the next couple of weeks to qualify as a building codes inspector.

Since I left last Thursday, Adam had sanded the pine floors of the master suite and loft area and applied two coats of polyurethane. When he came back on Thursday afternoon (too rainy for bear hunting!) he sanded and applied the third coat. Wow! Do those floors look great!
Loft floor
Finished Loft Floor
Master Bedroom
Grilles in the windows and finished floors. Light is just streaming in!

When I left on Friday he was starting to lay the laminate floor in the dining/living room. I’ll be interested in seeing what that looks like after he and Troy work on it Saturaday and Sunday.

Much of my time was spent painting and/or polyurethaning. The basement bathroom and the garage needed to get their first coats of paint and lots of stained trim boards got their first and second coats of polyurethane.

I also pulled the protective plastic off the Anderson windows and installed nearly all of the decorative grilles in the windows and doors. Boy, does that light up the rooms! And with the drizzling, raining, miserable weather this week, anything that could brighten up the interior was welcome.
French doors
The grilles in the French doors and glass panels make a big difference. The glass on the left has not had the plastic removed. Notice how "milky" the view is. Once the sheetrock was moved, it got the same treatment as its brethren.

I also stained the front door a rich brown that is a perfect match to the kitchen cabinets.

I spent the entire week at Don and Deb’s house while they were away. Terry stayed up in the Adirondack cabin with the cats. I couldn’t be lonely though. Not with Simon and Isaac (cat) and the fish. Schuester (cat) and the horses, who were outside and required their usual feeding. The coal-burning stove required tending. Simon went to work with me every day and kept me company

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....beautiful!!! what can be as fulfilling as realizing a dream?...