Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 52
Another slow, short week
Bear hunting and Thanksgiving

It was a slow week in PA.

Bear season started on Monday and Don and Adam spend Monday and Tuesday traipsing through the woods with about 20 other guys. They saw a couple of bears and some of the guys got shots but they only bagged one on Monday (weighed 150+ pounds). They saw none on Tuesday.

I spent the mornings walking the acres around the Aerie. (I saw nothing but got a good fix on the property corners using my GPS.) I did some work in the afternoon preparing the steps (4-inch thick slabs of white pine) that will be installed between the first and second floor.

When I arrived Monday morning I was surprised to see that Adam had managed to install all of the laminate flooring over the weekend. He was aided by his older brother, Troy. The job they did was fantastic.
Floor in place
Laminate floor has been installed in the entire first floor.

They also brought the appliances into the kitchen and put them in place. The range needs to have a 220-V circuit installed (it’s a duel-fuel range and needs electricity for the oven). An electric line has to be run for the dishwasher, too. Otherwise, the kitchen is nearly done.
Appliances almost in place
Appliances almost in place

Wednesday, Don and I spent all day at the house working to get one of the bathrooms working. It’s starting to get too cold to use the porta-john!

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