Saturday, November 25, 2006

Terry and the Kitties

Terry says she can’t get anything done at the cabin. Whenever she sits down, someone occupies her lap. This evening she had all three of the cats climb into the chair with her.
Terry and the Kitties
Julie got nice and comfortable on her right…
Julie gets comfortable on the left.
…while Chester and Shadow (who are growing by leaps and bounds) set up camp smack dab in the middle of Terry’s lap.
Chester and Shadow snuggle in on what's left.

Hey, at least Terry has a nice fuzzy lap warmer(s)! And their purring is just sooooo soothing.


Anonymous said...

Cats are like potato chips ... you can't have just one! (I know - I've got four myself!)


Justin said...

Hey nice pics!! I too 've 2 cats named Emily n Maple. wats the name of your cats??
you can chekc out this post on my adorable kitties. I hope u'll like it...