Monday, November 29, 2010

College Football: Week 14 Polls and Opponents

Most teams have wrapped up their regular season with just a few regular season games yet to be played, but there are several conference championships on tap this weekend. In the SEC, #2 Auburn faces #18 South Carolina. The Big 12 sees #10 Oklahoma pitted against #13 Nebraska. And the ACC will have #12 Virginia Tech against #20 Florida State. #24 Northern Illinois faces Miami of Ohio for the MAC title and UCF will go against SMU for the Conference USA crown.
[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (11-0) The Ducks play at Oregon State (5-6) in their regular season finale.

2/2/2 Auburn (12-0) The Tigers will face #18 South Carolina (9-3) for the SEC Championship.

3/3/3 TCU (12-0) The Horned Frogs’ regular season is over.

4/4/4 Wisconsin (11-1) The Badgers’ regular season is finished.

5/5/5 Stanford (11-1) The Cardinal’s regular season is over.

6/6/6 Ohio State (11-1) The Buckeyes’ regular season is over.

7/7/7 Michigan State (11-1) The Spartans’ regular season is finished.

8/8/8 Arkansas (10-2) The Razorbacks’ regular season is over.

9/10/10 Boise State (10-1) The Broncos host Utah State (4-7) in their regular season finale.

10/9/14 Oklahoma (10-2) The Sooners will face #13 Nebraska (10-2) for the Big 12 Championship.

11/12/9 LSU (10-2) The Tigers’ regular season is finished.

12/11/11 Virginia Tech (10-2) The Hokies will square off against #20 Florida State (9-3) in the ACC Championship Game

13/13/12 Nebraska (10-2) The Cornhuskers will play #10 Oklahoma (10-2) in the Big 12 Championship Game.

14/17/15 Nevada (11-1) The Wolfpack’s regular season is finished.

15/14/13 Missouri (10-2) The Tigers’ regular season is over.

16/15/16 Oklahoma State (10-2) The Cowboys’ regular season is over.

17/19/18 Alabama (9-3) The Crimson Tide’s regular season is over.

18/16/19 South Carolina (9-3) The Gamecocks will face #2 Auburn (12-0) in the SEC Championship Game.

19/18/17 Texas A&M (9-3) The Aggies regular season is over.

20/20/20 Florida State (9-3) The Seminoles will face #12 Virginia Tech (10-2) in the ACC Championship Game.

21/21/21 Utah (10-2) The Utes’ regular season is finished.

22/22/23 Mississippi State (8-4) The Bulldogs’ regular season is over.

23/24/24 West Virginia (8-3) The Mountaineers will host the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers (4-7) in their season finale.

24/23/22 Northern Illinois (10-2) The Huskies face Miami of Ohio (8-4) for the MAC Championship on Friday night.

25/NR/NR Hawaii (9-3) The Warriors will play UNLV (2-10) at home in their regular season finale.

NR/25/NR UCF (9-3) The Knights will face SMU (7-5) for the Conference USA Championship.

NR/NR/25 North Carolina State (8-4) The Wolfpack’s regular season is over.

PA "Holiday"

Monday was Pennsylvania's Unofficial State Holiday.

Yeah, that's right. It was opening day of the deer season. And here, in the clingers' section of Pennsylvania, they even close the schools.

I woke at 5:30 AM to have some breakfast and gear up before heading out to sit in the woods. Just 27 degrees and quite windy when I set out, clear skies and lots of sunshine meant it was to reach 42 degrees by mid-afternoon. Unfortunately, the wind never let up and the hillside and trees kept me in the shade until nearly noon. Luckily, I had dressed in several layers and my insulated boots kept me warm while I waited...and waited...and waited some more.

The waiting was a practice in futility. I never saw a deer of either sex let alone one of shootin' size. (The area I'm in requires at least three legal points--that's one inch long--on one side.) In fact, I didn't hear much shootin' taking place anywhere near me. The closest shots seemed to be at least 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. (The wind made it difficult to judge distances of sounds. Yeah, sound can be blown away or toward you almost like it was a solid material.)

Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Or not.

I noticed that the sky became filled with cirrus clouds (Mare's Tails) as the afternoon wore on. Those clouds are supposed to mean rain within 24 hours. And that's what the forecasters are saying. Showers will begin sometime in the morning--most likely around 9 AM. By the afternoon it will (they say) be raining hard. And that will continue through Tuesday night and on into Wednesday. There are even flood warnings out for the Northern and Southern Tiers. Good thing the PA deer season runs two weeks.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

College Football: Week 13 Results

What a weekend! Lots happened in the college football world between last Wednesday and Sunday. #1 Oregon outscored #20 Arizona, #2 Auburn edged #9 Alabama by a single point, #3 Boise State lost in OT to #19 Nevada, #6 LSU lost to #12 Arkansas, and #10 Oklahoma State fell to #14 Oklahoma among others. Could be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on in the rankings this afternoon.
[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (11-0) The Ducks outscored the #20 Arizona Wildcats (7-4) on Friday 48-29 to remain undefeated.

2/2/2 Auburn (12-0) The Tigers fell behind 24-0 midway through the second quarter Friday and it looked like they were going down. But there was lots of time and a Cameron Newton on their side. Auburn managed to climb out of the hole they had dug to edge #9 Alabama (9-3) 28-27.

3/3/3 Boise State (10-1) The Broncos touted run defense got pawned by #19 Nevada (11-1) as the Wolf Pack ran wild in the second half gaining 239 yards on the ground (as opposed to a mere 8 for the Broncos). Still, it took a missed field goal at the end of regulation and another in overtime play for the 14-point underdog Nevada team to emerge victorious 34-31.

4/4/4 TCU (12-0) The Horned Frogs did what they had to do in an impressive 66-17 win over New Mexico (1-11).

5/5/5 Wisconsin (11-1) The big news is that the Badgers didn’t score in the fourth quarter against the Northwestern Wildcats (7-5), but that’s okay. They had already racked up 70 points to win 70-23. The third time this year Wisconsin had 70 or more points.

6/6/7 LSU (10-2) The Tigers fell to the #12 Arkansas Razorbacks (10-2) 31-23.

7/8/6 Stanford (11-1) The Cardinal shut out the Beavers of Oregon State (5-6) by a score of 38-0 .

8/7/8 Ohio State (11-1) The Buckeyes laid it to the Michigan Wolverines (7-5) 37-7.

9/11/10 Alabama (9-3) The Tide lost to #2 Auburn (12-0) Friday 28-27 despite jumping out to a 24-0 lead in the first half.

10/9/9 Oklahoma State (10-2) The Cowboys fell to their intrastate rival, #15 Oklahoma (10-2)…again. This time it was 47-41.

11/10/11 Michigan State (11-1) The Spartans held back a surging Penn State (7-5) to earn a 28-22 victory and a share of the Big 10 title.

12/12/12 Arkansas (10-2) The Razorbacks downed the #6 LSU Tigers (10-2) 31-23.

13/14/13 Virginia Tech (10-2) The Hokies routed Virginia (4-8) 37-7.

14/13/15 Oklahoma (10-2) The Sooners upset the #10 Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-2) 47-41 to create a tie for the Big 12 South title.

15/16/14 Missouri (10-2) The Tigers mauled the Kansas Jayhawks (3-9) 35-7.

16/15/17 Nebraska (10-2) The Cornhuskers skinned the Colorado Buffaloes (5-7) on Friday 45-17.

17/18/16 Texas A&M (9-3) The Aggies beat Texas (5-7) on Thanksgiving Day, 24-17.

18/17/18 South Carolina (9-3) The Gamecocks spotted the Clemson Tigers (6-7) a touchdown but yielded nothing else for the rest of the game as USC (east) came up with a 29-7 victory.

19/19/19 Nevada (11-1) The Wolf Pack edged the #3 Boise State Broncos (10-1). When the immovable object (Boise run defense) meets the ultimate movable object (Nevada’s rushing offense) what happens? An overtime game, that’s what. Nevada gained little in the first half but in the second…WHOA MOMMA! 239 yards on the ground. Then two missed FGs my Boise (one in regulation and another in overtime) sealed the deal, 34-31 Nevada.

20/20/NR Arizona (7-4) The Wildcats fell to the #1 Oregon Ducks (11-0) 48-29.

21/23/21 North Carolina State (8-4) The Wolfpack lost to the Maryland Terrapins (8-4) 38-31.

22/21/22 Florida State (9-3) The Seminoles routed Florida (7-5) 31-7.

23/22/20 Utah (10-2) The Utes scored all their points in the fourth quarter in a come from behind effort to edge Brigham Young (6-6) 17-16. A blocked field goal in the final seconds sealed the deal.

24/24/NR Iowa (7-5) The Hawkeyes lost again. This time the Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-9) took them down 27-24.

25/25/24 Mississippi State (8-4) The Bulldogs defeated Mississippi (4-8) 31-23.

NR/NR/23 Northern Illinois (10-2) The Huskies demolished Eastern Michigan (2-10) on Friday 71-3.

NR/NR/25 West Virginia (6-3) The Mountaineers downed the Pittsburgh Panthers (6-5) on Friday 35-10.

And, last but not least—well, okay, maybe least, the Akron Zips (1-11) got their first win of the year in their final game of the year as they beat the Buffalo Bulls (2-10) 22-14.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I Didn't Know That

Under the heading of "I didn't know that" is this from a post by guest poster Ron at the Grouchy Old Cripple's site.

1. United States

That's right, every other modern developed nation in the world has gotten rid of birthright citizenship policies. Yet, most of U.S. news media and politicians the last two weeks have ridiculed the comments by some other politicians that it is time for the U.S. to put an end to birthright citizenship for tourists and illegal aliens.
Folks, sadly, the U.S. stands alone.

He goes into more detail so be sure to go read the whole thing.

It's time for change.

Post Thanksgiving Report, November 26, 2010

Got up (very) early on Thursday morning to feed the cats and head for New Jersey for Thanksgiving. I was traveling extra early because the weather forecast for the Rout 15 corridor was for snow, sleet and freezing rain starting around 8 AM. I was on the road by 4:45 AM and in Linden, NJ just in time to catch the 9 AM start of the Macy's Parade show.

In attendance at Grandma's house were my daughter, Jessica, who lives there; Terry, who had gone in on Tuesday to assist with preparations; and nephew Brian and his fiancee Vicky, who had flown in from Milwaukee.

We gathered in the TV room and watched the parade. It may have started as a commercial promotion for Macy's but it's become even worse since way back when. The number of Broadway shows, and NBC television that were pushed and the number of B-list entertainers highlighted was obnoxiously high. The TV coverage didn't pay enough attention to the balloons for which the parade is famous.

After Santa Claus made his appearance at the conclusion of the parade, we settled around the table for a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, asparagus, kernel corn, stuffing, and gravy. We followed with apple, pumpkin, and pecan pie. Our meal began with a toast while we sipped some asti. When the asti was gone, we opened a bottle of Riesling. And all was good with the world.

When the meal was finished, the turkey was not the only thing that was stuffed. A condition which makes this After Thanksgiving Meal Poem.... found at Theo Sparks' place very appropriate.

Then it was time to sit back and watch some football (rooting against the Cowboys and the Patriots but for the Jets) while we fielded phone calls from the west coast. First Rick (my son) called from Portland to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Then Laura (my niece and god daughter, Brian's sister) called. And finally Terry's sister (Brian's Mom and Grandma's younger daughter) called. All three calls came in on cell phones and were passed from person to person around the room. All had to end when the batteries started to reach near zero capacity.

We all sat around watching the games and looking at some of the photos I took on our Alaskan Adventure this summer.

Except for the Patriots winning and the rain that fell from noon on, it was a beautiful day.


Today, we all went our ways. Jessica was first out as she had to report to work at the Apple Store at The Mall at Short Hills for Black Friday. Then I started out for the Aerie (with a stop in Parsippany for gasoline and a couple of dozen bagels from the Baldwin bagel Shop), Terry followed as soon as she had picked up some left over turkey (the carcass for soup) and cheese cake. That left Grandma, Brian and Vicky and they were heading to Atlantic City to hit the casinos. (Their own Black Friday tradition.)

The sky cleared as I drove westward on I-80 and it was a gorgeous day by the time I got home at noon. Terry was just a half hour behind. The three cats, who had been fed at 4:30 AM Thursday, were extremely happy to see me. At least until they had been fed, then it was cold shoulders all around. As usual.


There are indications that we had some snow at the Aerie after I left yesterday. However, since the temperature rose into the 40s later, virtually all of it has melted and disappeared. Despite the bright sunshine, we've seen our high temperature for the day (42 early this morning). The radio forecast is calling for a low of around 20 degrees tonight and increasing winds. Tomorrow we may have some snow flurries with highs only reaching the mid 30s. Sunday will be sunny and around 40 as will Pennsylvania's Unofficial State Holiday (Opening Day of gun deer season) on Monday. It's finally starting to feel like fall and even incipient winter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

College Football: Week 13 Polls and Opponents

Last week's results created only a few small ripples in the polls but that could change during Week 13. It’s a Big Weekend for college football with many, many traditional rivalries on tap. Perhaps the two most meaningful games will be played on Friday as #2 Auburn plays against #9 Alabama and #3 Boise State squares off against #19 Nevada. Each pits an undefeated team against a worthy challenger. The latter could propel Boise State into the National Championship game…or not. Then there’s #1 Oregon vs #20 Arizona, #6 LSU vs #12 Arkansas, and #10 Oklahoma State against #15 Oklahoma among others. Could be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on.

[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (10-0) The Ducks are back in action this week. They’ll host the #20 Arizona Wildcats (7-3) on Friday.

2/2/2 Auburn (11-0) The Tigers, too, are returning to the field on Friday. They play at #9 Alabama (9-2).

3/3/3 Boise State (10-0) The Broncos play Friday as well. They’re at #19 Nevada (10-1).

4/4/4 TCU (11-0) The Horned Frogs will play at New Mexico (1-10).

5/5/5 Wisconsin (10-1) The Badgers host the Northwestern Wildcats (7-4).

6/6/7 LSU (10-1) The Tigers play at #12 Arkansas (9-2).

7/8/6 Stanford (10-1) The Cardinal host the Beavers of Oregon State.

8/7/8 Ohio State (10-1) The Buckeyes will host the Michigan Wolverines (7-4).

9/11/10 Alabama (9-2) The Tide plays host to #2 Auburn (11-0) Friday.

10/9/9 Oklahoma State (10-1) The Cowboys are at home for their intrastate rival #15 Oklahoma (9-2).

11/10/11 Michigan State (10-1) The Spartans visit Happy Valley to play Penn State (7-4).

12/12/12 Arkansas (9-2) The Razorbacks are host to the #6 LSU Tigers (10-1).

13/14/13 Virginia Tech (9-2) The Hokies play host to Virginia (4-7).

14/13/15 Oklahoma (9-2) The Sooners play at #10 Oklahoma State (10-1).

15/16/14 Missouri (9-2) The Tigers play at Kansas (3-8).

16/15/17 Nebraska (9-2) The Cornhuskers will host Colorado (5-6) on Friday.

17/18/16 Texas A&M (8-3) The Aggies host Texas (5-6) on Thanksgiving Day.

18/17/18 South Carolina (8-3) The Gamecocks will play at Clemson (6-5).

19/19/19 Nevada (10-1) The Wolf Pack will host #3 Boise State (10-0).

20/20/NR Arizona (7-3) The Wildcats will play at #1 Oregon (10-0).

21/23/21 North Carolina State (8-3) The Wolfpack play at Maryland (7-4).

22/21/22 Florida State (8-3) The Seminoles will host Florida (7-4).

23/22/20 Utah (9-2) The Utes play at Brigham Young (6-5).

24/24/NR Iowa (7-4) The Hawkeyes play at Minnesota (2-9).

25/25/24 Mississippi State (7-4) The Bulldogs will play at Mississippi (4-7).

NR/NR/23 Northern Illinois (9-2) The Huskies will be at Eastern Michigan (2-9) on Friday.

NR/NR/25 West Virginia (7-3) The Mountaineers will play at Pittsburgh (6-4) on Friday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Photos (Delayed)

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, I was going through the photos I took during our 78 day road trip to Alaska this summer. The idea was to put some of them on a digital picture frame so as to share them with relatives gathering at Grandma's for the holiday.

BUT the frame requires the use of a 250 MB memory card. Each of the pictures I shot in RAW format is some 15 KB in size. TO put many of them on the card for transfer would require first saving them in JPEG format (reduces each to less than 1 KB in size) then moving them to the frame. Loading up a bunch more pictures and loading them up to the frame. It could be done but would be time consuming to say the least. Much easier to simply carry the laptop with me and show the pictures from the computer.

Sorry Brian. Sorry Vicky. I know the frame was a well thought out present for my birthday. But I've just not gotten a round to it.


After looking over the pictures I did take--hundreds and hundreds of them--I came to one positive conclusion: I wanna go back! I get the same feeling any time I see an ad for Sarah Palin's Alaska, or that insurance company's ad with the humpback whale. I just wanna hit the road and head northwest. Now.

It's going to get worse too. As soon as the news from the Iditarod starts pouring in I'll get the fever. Bad.

I could probably never live up there for long. The long, dark winters would drive me nuts. The beauty of the place and the ever changing land and skyscapes, would make the attempt worthwhile, however.

The Weather

Ahh. The weather. Guess I might as well talk about it since I obviously can't do anything about it.

The past week we've been having some exceptionally warm weather. Ten or so degrees above average warm. That means we've seen the middle of the 50s for the most part--sometimes higher. When there's precipitation, it's in the form of rain, not snow. And there hasn't been all that much precip either. The guys say we've only had 1.6 inches instead of the 3+ that is the average for November. Yeah, there's still a week plus to go but, unless something really ramps up soon, it will be a dry month. (Supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe Friday, though.)

All that's fine by me. Some snow would be nice but I can wait on the shoveling for a month or more. The warm temps have been something of a blessing. We've yet to need a delivery of propane so that's one expenditure that we haven't had to make. Still, I can't help but wonder what the price of propane will be when we finally do get a delivery. If its price has gone up as much as the price of gasoline.... Ouch!

Oh! Momma!

I believe I mentioned that there was a bear season playing out here in PA. Three days. Started Saturday continued today and tomorrow is the finale.

While I have a tag, I didn't spend any time in the woods searching for a bruin...yet. It's more of a team game around here anyway. Groups of hunters go out with half standing post and the other half pushing through the woods driving the bear towards the standers. You're permitted up to 25 hunters total. No dogs. No bait. As a single hunter, I would have to have incredible luck to see a bear. Or a lot of hunters on surrounding property.

Anyway. I've had the bird feeders out for a little over a week now. Since they haven't been bothered, I haven't taken them in at night.

That changed tonight. About 6:30 PM, well after dark, Terry said she thought she heard something outside. I flicked off the interior lights and picked up my high beam flashlight. Sure enough, there was a bear out at the bird feeders. In fact there were FOUR bears out by the feeders: a very large sow and three yearling cubs. Mom had busted one of the new bird feeders like it was a pinata and spilled sunflower seeds all over the ground all were licking up their new found goodies.

I opened the porch door and they ran off up the hill while I went out and collected the bird feeders and what pieces I could find. If I've got them all, I should be able to use some Super Glue to put the one back together again. *sigh*

To top it all off, even if I had come across this group in the woods with a rifle in my hand, I would have let them walk--or scared them into running. Couldn't/wouldn't shoot a sow with cubs. Especially cubs as young as these. From their size I'd say they aren't even a year old. Probably born last winter. If mom had been by herself however.... She had to be over 300 pounds.

Jury Duty Update

So much for my jury duty.

I just called the hot line and was told that jurors will not me required to report either Tuesday or Wednesday as there are no jury trials scheduled for either day in Tioga County Courthouse.

I guess that even with all the roughnecks here about for the gas drilling, things remain rather peaceable in this little corner of Pennsylvania.

That or all the lawyers are bear hunters with large families due for Thanksgiving.

Random Thoughts

I haven't been feeling up to writing many posts lately. Seems I got into a rut of describing weather, rotten hunting luck, and weather. Not a good time. *sigh*


As I look around the blogsphere and see reports of TSA molestations I am reminded why I would rather drive than fly. Forking over hundreds of dollars to board a cramped sardine can with total strangers who may or may not be carriers of some horribly contagious disease has never been high on my priority list. Add the levels of "security" and it became obtrusive as hell. Now the TSA performs frisks that would have the ACLU battering down doors to the nearest court if it were a standard procedure in prison and I don't think I'll ever get on a plane again. I'd sooner drive 3000 miles--non-stop if required--than get in a line so some dipshit could fondle me. Hell, if they keep this up, I'd might even attempt to drive to Ireland, Hawaii or some such otherwise inaccessible locale.


I saw last week that poor Charlie Rangel got himself censured by the House and he's feeling all sorry for himself. Let's get something straight, Charlie. You belong in jail at the very least. Three rent controlled apartments in NYC? That's about two more than the law allows, ain't it? Property in the Caribbean that you didn't pay taxes on or declare on your disclosure forms? And, since you're no heir to a multimillionaire, just how have you managed to become so wealthy, dear boy?


Along with the above, I saw that Maxine Waters was all psyched because the Ethics Committee decided to postpone her hearing in light of new evidence. She thought it meant she had a strong case when, in fact--from all reports, the opposite is true. Careful what you wish for there, Maxine. (Bombshell evidence may make Waters an ethics nightmare for Dems) The new evidence indicates she may have even bigger problems that could drag others into the [cess]pool. She's going to wish they hadn't postponed those hearings if this goes past the end of the 111th congress. Can you say expulsion, Maxine?


In the "Even a Broken Clock..." category, we have Al Gore of all people telling the truth! [Gore: On second thought, I was just pandering to the farm vote on ethanol] He now recognizes the harm that using food to produce fuel has/can do.

[PS You don't suppose Al lost any money on that now defunct Carbon Exchange, do you? Nah, didn't think so myself. After all, it's not what you know but who you know that matters.]


Filed under: Illegal Aliens Doing Jobs Americans Won't Do. We have a verdict in the Chandra Levy murder case. Guilty. GUILTY. GUILTY!

Still, there is a push for more amnesty instead of deportation, walls, and strict enforcement of the existing laws. It's called the DREAM Act but it could as well be called a nightmare. GOP readies for DREAM Act fight DREAM Act is a Nightmare…

One definition of insanity that's been around for a while is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This DREAM Act fits the definition to a T.

Ladies and gentlemen, if your first act upon entering this country is to break the law (via illegal entry) why should you be trusted to become a worthwhile member of our United States? The argument is made that this act would only benefit those who came as children under the age of 16, but it also allows their parents--who smuggled the little tyke over the border in the first place--to get green cards and work their way up to citizenship. Ahead of those who have legally waited their


College Football: Week 12 Results

Week 12 is in the books and there weren’t many surprises…unless you count the 9-6 victory by #18 Texas A&M over #9 Nebraska. Except for that game and the Northwestern loss to Illinois, the higher ranked team proved victorious in every case. Sometimes it was close (double overtime) but sometimes it was embarrassing for their opposition (51-0, 63-7, 69-24).

[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (10-0) The Ducks had the week off.

2/2/2 Auburn (11-0) The Tigers, too, were idle.

3/3/3 Boise State (10-0) The Broncos got off to a slow start (only 3 points in the first quarter) before running roughshod over the Fresno State Bulldogs (6-4) on Friday night 51-0.

4/4/4 TCU (11-0) The Horned Frogs were idle this week.

5/6/6 LSU (10-1) The Tigers outlasted the Mississippi Rebels (4-7) 43-36 after trailing Ole Miss 24-23 after 45 minutes.

6/5/5 Wisconsin (10-1) The Badgers beat the Michigan Wolverines (7-4) 48-28.

7/8/8 Stanford (10-1) The Cardinal routed the Golden Bears of California (5-6) 48-14.

8/7/9 Ohio State (10-1) The Buckeyes edged the #21 Iowa Hawkeyes (7-4) 20-17.

9/9/7 Nebraska (9-2) The Cornhuskers dropped a close one to the #18 Texas A&M Aggies (8-3) 9-6.

10/12/11 Alabama (9-2) The Tide washed over the FCS Georgia State Panthers (6-5) of the Colonial League on Thursday night in a tsunami 63-7.

11/11/12 Michigan State (10-1) The Spartans scored 22 in the fourth quarter to come from behind and defeat the Purdue Boilermakers (4-7) 35-31.

12/10/10 Oklahoma State (10-1) The Cowboys trailed 14-10 after the first quarter against the Kansas Jayhawks (3-8) but then they scored…and scored…and scored some more to become 48-14 victors.

13/13/13 Arkansas (9-2) The Razorbacks needed two overtimes to defeat the #22 Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-4) 38-31.

14/15/16 Virginia Tech (9-2) The Hokies and the #24 Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes (7-4) played pretty evenly for a while. It was 17 all after three quarters but then VT scored 14 unanswered points in the fourth to win 31-17.

15/16/14 Missouri (9-2) The Tigers shut out the Iowa State Cyclones (5-7) 14-0.

16/14/15 Oklahoma (9-2) The Sooners handed the Baylor Bears (7-5) a 53-14 drubbing.

17/17/17 South Carolina (8-3) The Gamecocks proved too much for the Troy Trojans (5-5) as they routed the boys from Troy 69-24. [And it wasn’t even that close being 56-7 at the half.]

18/19/19 Texas A&M (8-3) The Aggies upset the #9 Nebraska Cornhuskers (9-2) in a low scoring affair 9-6.

19/18/18 Nevada (10-1) The Wolf Pack demolished the New Mexico State Aggies (2-9) 52-6.

20/NR/23 Southern California (7-4) The Trojans got felled by the Oregon State Beavers (5-5) 36-7.

21/20/NR Iowa (7-4) The Hawkeyes battled hard but succumbed to the #8 Ohio State Buckeyes (10-1) 20-17 in the end.

22/22/21 Mississippi State (7-4) The Bulldogs fell to the #13 Arkansas Razorbacks (9-2) in a double overtime game 38-31.

23/23/NR Arizona (7-3) The Wildcats were idle this weekend.

24/21/25 Miami (Fla.) (7-4) The Hurricanes could play even for the full 60 minutes as they fell to the #14 Virginia Tech Hokies (9-2) 31-17.

25/24/22 Utah (9-2) The Utes had to come from behind..twice…to defeat the San Diego State Aztecs (7-4) 38-34.

NR/25/NR Northwestern (7-4) The Wildcats ran afoul of the Fighting Illini of Illinois (5-5) and lost 48-27.

NR/NR/20 Florida State (8-3) The Seminoles beat the Maryland Terrapins (7-4) 30-16.

NR/NR/24 North Carolina State (8-3) The Wolfpack edged intrastate rival North Carolina (6-5) 29-25.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aerie Report, November 16, 2010

Weird day. Started out cool and overcast and became quite rainy by noon. The rain continued all afternoon and now into the night. The temperature, however, made almost no change. It was around 44 at 7 AM and 46 at 7 PM with the latter being the high for the far. The breeze that turns the windmills is coming out of the south-southwest and may drive the temperature up slightly even though it's now dark.


There are a multitude of gas wells in the area and one of the closer ones--just a couple of miles to the west as the crow flies--is being flared off today. Terry saw the flames when she went sown to get the mail and go to Curves this morning. Apparently it's still being flared because we have our own little "northern lights" as the low clouds are flickering yellow, pink, purple and red. Since the well is on the other side of a sizable hill, and the wind is blowing at right angles to the line of sight, I can't hear the whoosh of the flare, but I know it's got to be there. A well that was flared last spring and that was upwind of the Aerie sounded like a not-so-distant jet engine.


Speaking of gas...The price of gasoline has risen about 12 cents int he past week. It was $2.94 at the local Exxon when I returned from the 'Dacks on Monday last. Today it was $3.06.

That's going to play havoc with inflation. No?

Say it with me: Drill baby! Drill!


I put out the bird feeders (or at least some of them) last Saturday morning. It took the chickadees about 1/2 hour to locate them and start their frequent flitterings back and forth. They grab a sunflower seed and head off into the pines either to eat that sucker or stash it away for later. Soon after the chickadees we had a chipmunk and a flock of goldfinches as regular visitors. Then the blue jays, nuthatches (both red and white breasted) and mourning doves. Finally a single gray squirrel appeared on Sunday. Today it was two gray squirrels along with all the avian visitors.

I've still got a few hanging feeders to put out including a thistle feeder I need to repair after Mr. Bruin did a number on it last spring. I also want to see about getting a tray feeder out on the front deck but need to figure out how to cantilever the dang thing so it sticks out over open air instead of putting it on the rail where the coons can get to it and where all the seed hulls end up in the cracks of the deck boards. I've a mental picture of what's needed but just need to figure out how to do it without screwing holes into the deck posts.


Terry roasted a BIG (about 5 pounds) chicken the other day and we've enjoyed three dinners out of it and have a pot of meaty carcass soup for lunches. Tonight we had chicken enchiladas made for the meat off the two legs. Very tasty! And, to go along with it we opened a bottle of peach mead wine from the Earle Estates up on Route 14 on the west side of Seneca Lake. Excellent fruity flavor.


Tomorrow is the annual Tiadaghton Audubon Society dinner. As is usual, we have a speaker coming in. This one is from the National Audubon Society and he is to speak on the Gulf Oil Spill. I'll listen carefully and see what he has to say, but reports of the demise of the Gulf seem to have been greatly exaggerated.

Thursday, there will be a tour of the area for the gentleman from National lead by the heads of the company running the windmills (AES) and of one of the gas drilling companies (EAST). They will be stopping at the Aerie for lunch since we are centrally located to both the windmills and the wells. The TAS president will accompany them as will my buddy Gary as photographer. (I may be dragged into the windmill portion of the tour to act as photographer if Gary decides to call it a day at the midway point of the tour.)

College Football: Week 12 Polls and Opponents

Don’t expect much of a change at the top after this week’s play. Three of the top four are idle so unless Fresno State pulls off a miracle on the Blue Rug Friday night, things will not change much. As to ranked vs ranked… #8 Ohio State squares off against #21 Iowa, #9 Nebraska plays #18 Texas A&M, #13 Arkansas goes up against #22 Mississippi State, and #14 Virginia Tech takes on #24 Miami (Fla.).

[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (10-0) The Ducks have the week off.

2/2/2 Auburn (11-0) The Tigers, too, are idle.

3/3/3 Boise State (9-0) The Broncos host the Fresno State Bulldogs (6-3) on Friday night.

4/4/4 TCU (11-0) The Horned Frogs are idle this week.

5/6/6 LSU (9-1) The Tigers will play host to the Mississippi Rebels (4-6).

6/5/5 Wisconsin (9-1) The Badgers hit the road to face the Michigan Wolverines (7-3).

7/8/8 Stanford (9-1) The Cardinal will play on the road (?) against the Golden Bears of California (5-5).

8/7/9 Ohio State (9-1) The Buckeyes hit the road to face the reeling #21 Iowa Hawkeyes (7-3).

9/9/7 Nebraska (9-1) The Cornhuskers will play at the home of the #18 Texas A&M Aggies (7-3).

10/12/11 Alabama (8-2) The Tide hosts the FCS Georgia State Panthers (6-4) of the Colonial League on Thursday night.

11/11/12 Michigan State (9-1) The Spartans will host the Purdue Boilermakers (4-6).

12/10/10 Oklahoma State (9-1) The Cowboys will be on the road to face the Kansas Jayhawks (3-7).

13/13/13 Arkansas (8-2) The Razorbacks are on the road to face #22 Mississippi State (7-3).

14/15/16 Virginia Tech (8-2) The Hokies hit the road to play the #24 Miami (Fla.) Hurricanes (7-3).

15/16/14 Missouri (9-2) The Tigers will be on the road to play the Iowa State Cyclones (5-6).

16/14/15 Oklahoma (8-2) The Sooners are on the road to play the Baylor Bears (7-4).

17/17/17 South Carolina (7-3) The Gamecocks will host the Troy Trojans (5-4).

18/19/19 Texas A&M (7-3) The Aggies host #9 Nebraska (9-1).

19/18/18 Nevada (9-1) The Wolf Pack will host the New Mexico State Aggies (2-8).

20/NR/23 Southern California (7-3) The Trojans head north to play the Oregon State Beavers (4-5).

21/20/NR Iowa (7-3) The Hawkeyes will host the #8 Ohio State Buckeyes (9-1).

22/22/21 Mississippi State (7-3) The Bulldogs host the #13 Arkansas Razorbacks (8-2).

23/23/NR Arizona (7-3) The Wildcats are idle this weekend.

24/21/25 Miami (Fla.) (7-3) The Hurricanes will host the #14 Virginia Tech Hokies (8-2).

25/24/22 Utah (8-2) The Utes head for the coast to face the San Diego State Aztecs (7-3).

NR/25/NR Northwestern (7-3) The Wildcats play host to Illinois (5-5).

NR/NR/20 Florida State (7-3) The Seminoles head north to face the Maryland Terrapins (7-3).

NR/NR/24 North Carolina State (7-3) The Wolfpack are on the road to face intrastate rival North Carolina (6-4).

BTW: The Akron Zips (0-10) play 6-4 Miami of Ohio on Wednesday Akron.

Monday, November 15, 2010

College Football: Week 11 Results

Only Notre Dame’s surprisingly easy upset of then #15 Utah, then #13 Iowa's loss to Northwestern, and Southern Califonrnia's defeat of then #18 Arizona marred the Top 25 this week. Otherwise, the higher ranked team prevailed in every contest. Sometimes it was just by a little (see #1 Oregon) and sometimes it was by a great deal (see #3 Boise State, #5 LSU and #6 Wisconsin…especially #6 Wisconsin…oooh, boy). In any event, we still have four undefeated teams. (On the flip side of the coin, only the appropriately named Akron Zips (0-10) have yet to win a game. But they still have two games to play including one against Buffalo (2-8) so they have a chance.)

[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (10-0) The Ducks barely beat the Bears of California (5-5) 15-13.

2/2/2 Auburn (11-0) The Tigers beat Georgia (5-6) 49-31. The Tigers allowed 21 first quarter points, but the offense racked up more than enough to prevail. Distraction? What distraction?

3/3/3 TCU (11-0) The Horned Frogs beat the San Diego State Aztecs (7-3) 40-35.

4/4/4 Boise State (9-0) The Broncos routed their intrastate rivals the Idaho Vandals (4-6) 52-14.

5/6/7 LSU (9-1) The Tigers shut out Louisiana-Monroe (4-6) 51-0.

6/5/5 Wisconsin (9-1) The Badgers embarrassed Indiana (4-6) 83-20 in one of the highest scoring games in recent memory and Wisconsin’s best offensive showing in 95 years. They started off slowly “only” getting 10 points in the first quarter but it was lights out from there on. The Badgers scored on each of their 12 possessions.

7/9/8 Stanford (9-1) The Cardinal came from behind to edge Arizona State (4-6) 17-13.

8/7/9 Ohio State (9-1) The Buckeyes came back from a 14-3 halftime deficit to beat the Penn State Nittany Lions (6-4) 38-14.

9/8/6 Nebraska (9-1) The Cornhuskers beat Kansas (3-7) 20-3.

10/10/12 Michigan State (9-1) The Spartans were idle this weekend.

11/12/11 Alabama (8-2) The Tide beat #17 Mississippi State (7-3) 30-10.

12/11/10 Oklahoma State (9-1) The Cowboys tamed the Texas Longhorns (4-6) 33-16.

13/13/15 Iowa (7-3) dropped its road game to the Northwestern Wildcats (7-3) who scored 14 in the fourth quarter to come from behind to win 21-17.

14/14/14 Arkansas (8-2) The Razorbacks trounced Texas-El Paso (6-5) 58-21.

15/15/13 Utah (8-2) The Utes dropped their second consecutive game. This one was on the road at Notre Dame (5-5) 28-3 and wasn’t pretty.

16/17/19 Virginia Tech (8-2) The Hokies beat the North Carolina Tarheels (6-4) 26-10.

17/18/17 Mississippi State (7-3) The Bulldogs lost to #11 Alabama (8-2) 30-10.

18/19/20 Arizona (7-3) The Wildcats fell to Southern California (7-3) 24-21.

19/16/18 Oklahoma (8-2) The Sooners routed Texas Tech (5-5) 45-7.

20/20/16 Missouri (9-2) The Tigers beat Kansas State (6-4) 38-28.

21/21/21 Nevada (9-1) The Wolf Pack edged Fresno State (6-3) 35-34.

22/22/NR South Carolina (7-3) The Gamecocks whipped the #24 Florida Gators (6-4) 36-14.

23/25/25 Texas A&M (7-3) The Aggies beat the Baylor Bears (7-4) 42-30.

24/24/23 Florida (6-4) The Gators got whipped by the #22 South Carolina Gamecocks (7-3) 36-14.

25/23/24 UCF (7-3) The Knights lost to the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (7-3) 31-21.

NR/NR/22 San Diego State (7-3) The Aztecs made it tough for TCU but they ultimately fell short as they to the #3 Horned Frogs(11-0) 40-35.


So...Saturday at sundown the bow hunting season in PA came to a halt.

Sunday morning I looked out the bedroom window at 7:30 AM to see three doe feeding on the lawn...which they continued to do for the next 45 minutes. At times, one of them was within 10 FEET of the house.

Can they actually read the compendium of game laws? Or do they just have some sort of ESP that tells them when they can get away with this sort of behavior?

eMail of the Day

It's Monday and for some of youse guys that means work. Even for those of you who are retired, it may still seem like a work week after a weekend of college and pro football and that means Monday Blues. Let me try to alleviate those blues and put a smile on your face by sharing something sent over the transom by one of our summer traveling partners

A professor at MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY OF NEWFOUNDLAND was giving a lecture on 'Involuntary Muscular Contractions' to his first year medical students.

Realizing this was not the most riveting subject, the professor decided to lighten the mood slightly.

He pointed to a young woman in the front row and said, 'Do you know what your asshole is doing while you're having an orgasm?'

She replied, 'Probably moose hunting with his buddies.'

It took 45 minutes to restore order in the classroom.

Have a good week.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Aerie Report, November 13, 2010

What a glorious weekend!

It started yesterday with a comfortable 40 degrees on the porch at 7 AM with clear, clear skies overhead. When we went down to get a gander at the new Lowes in Mansfield and hour later, it was just 30 degrees down at the post office(and 20 degrees at the Elmira airport) but the skies continued to be blue, BLUE, BLUE!


Incidentally, it's weird going into a store (Lowes) where every item on the shelf hasn't been touched since it was stocked, where stocked item/box is full, where every item of lumber is pristine in its full pallet, where there still lingers an aroma that says "New Store" in the same way there is a "New Car" scent. Oh, there were still some empty spaces where the ordered supplies had not yet arrived, but they were few. And the red-aproned help knew where things were despite this being the first day they had opened their doors.

This store is slightly smaller than the one up in Horseheads/Arnot Mall area but it suits our rural area. It will take some custom from the local hardware/lumber yard (Arnott's Lumber) and might draw some from the Agway, but there are sufficient differences in offerings both material and services that they should all thrive. I know that having a Lowes here, means no more 30-40 mile drives to reach the nearest Lowes/Home Depot. And that will be a blessing.


When we got back from the store, I decided to spend some time outside raking up the leaves. It didn't look like much of a task, but as I began, I realized that you rake up a leaf here and another there and pretty soon you've got a heap of leaves! Especially if you hit the little nooks and crannies around the edge of the lawn, under the propane tank, and in the corners of the Aerie where the swirling winds have stashed the leaves for later play.

It took me a little over an hour to complete the raking and hauling away of leaves. By then it was noon and the temperatures were still rising. The thermometer had passed 60 degrees on its way to a high of 70.5 degrees at 2 PM...on November 12th. And things will be much the same today and tomorrow although there's some hope it won't get quite that warm.


Today I'll sped some time trying to get the bird feeders cleaned up/repaired. Then we'll fill them up and put them out.

There haven't been many birds around the yard since we got back from Alaska...a few blue jays and chickadees with ravens and crows flying overhead...but that could be due to lack of food and the exceptionally warm weather that lets them forage in the fields and woods. Once the weather turns, however....

Strange observation: There have been no gray squirrels around. Despite having lots of oaks and pines nearby, there haven't been any tree rats roaming around and that is...eerie.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sight Seeing

As I mentioned earlier, Terry and I drove up to Hammondsport, NY to visit the Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum. We chose to do so because 1) we hadn't visited there yet and 2) Terry's EGA chapter out of Corning, NY had an exhibit of their work there that closes this Sunday.

While the ladies' works were nice--and allowed us as exhibitor and spouse free entrance to the museum--the museum itself was superb! Glenn Hammond Curtiss is overlooked as a pioneer in aviation but it was he and not the Wright brothers who made the first sustained flight of more than 5000 feet. (July 4, 1908) and he did so with all the pomp and pageantry and publicity before the fact that was possible. Unlike the Wrights who did their schtick on the beach on North Carolina in absolute secrecy. If he had failed to deliver, he and his little "June Bug" would have fallen flat on their kiesters.

The June Bug

The man designed, engineered, built, and raced bicycles, motorcycles, planes, and more.

For a long time he was the fastest man on earth. He did 135 MPH on an 8-cylinder, 40 horsepower motorcycle. It took two miles to get up to speed, one mile to clock that 135 mph in about 26 seconds, and one mile to come to a halt. He built engines--not brakes. An automobile took away the speed title after just a few years, but it wasn't until 1930 a motorcycle rider would go faster.

V8 40 horsepower Motorcycle

His "June Bug" flight of 1908 resulted his being awarded the first US pilot's license. In 1909 he won a race in France setting the initial world air speed record at 46.5 mph. And was awarded the #2 pilot's license in France.

In 1910 he trained the first female pilot in the US, Blanche Stuart Scott--who was quite a doer herself.

One of Curtiss' planes was the first to take off and land on a plywood deck on a naval vessel--in 1910-11 and, when an Admiral suggested that it couldn't become a habit because it would make the battleship's fighting capabilities, he came back a month later with a plane that could land and take off from the water alongside the ship--the forerunner of the seaplane.

Early Flying Boat

Curtiss built motorcycles and planes but later he also built up parts of Florida. Working with a former cattle rancher from out west, he helped develop both Hialeah and Miami Springs.

While living in Florida he liked to hunt in the Everglades...but didn't particularly care to rough it, apparently. 1928 he designed and built the Aerocar. basically the forerunner of today's travel trailers.

An Aerocar

And there are other things to see at the museum. Antigue cars, boats (Penn Yann racers and oared "trout boats") and much, much more. The museum also has various shows (like the Embroiders' Guild display that ends Sunday and the doll house show that begins Monday) throughout the year.

As Arnie would say, "I'll be back."

Aerie Report, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day and all I can think to say is, "Thank you!"


Well, the weather dudes got the last two days correct--for a change. After starting out with very heavy morning frosts due to the clear skies, we enjoyed days of warm sunshine and little wind. Today (Thursday) it even got up to 66 degrees at the Aerie.

I spent the better part of Wednesday afternoon doing some chores. I drained and put away the two long garden hoses after letting them sit in the sun for a bit so as to become more flexible, and then moved the lawn mower out of the garage into the storage shed. I stacked and moved and reorganized stuff in the garage; tossing many plastic flower pots and burning cardboard boxes. With the two sofas that were in there gone, I'm surprised at the amount of space.

I'll be heading down to the brand new Lowe's tomorrow morning for their 7 AM initial opening. I'll need to look at shelves for the garage, bird feeders (the bear did a job last spring), and a few other items.


Today, Terry and I drove up to Hammondsport, NY to visit the Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum. Interesting place and fascinating man. I'll be putting up a separate post on that in just a moment.

On the way back, we ate lunch at San Carlos on Route 54 just north of Bath. Our first real Mexican meal since we left Colorado Springs last September. Mmmmm! Good!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Aerie Report, November 9, 2010

Back at the Aerie again....

I left the Bolt Hole Monday morning after emptying the water lines and pumping the liquid stuff outside in an attempt to keep the basement dry. In the past, I had a simple sump hole in the floor (dirt) into which I drained the hot water tank and the lines. The water would soak into the ground but too much of it would evaporate back into the basement air allowing all sorts of nasty things to happen. Including heavy, heavy condensation on the fuse box...enough to short out one breaker and cause my fridge to defrost this summer while we were in Alaska and spill its guts onto the floor. (I emptied the fridge before I left.)

When I left at 10:30 there was a stiff wind blowing out of the north and a little spritz of rain/sleet starting to fall. I learned later there was a winter weather warning off to the east and, when I got to the Aerie, that there was some snow in the slightly higher elevations to the northeast of the Bolt Hole. The Albany radio station was talking about the number of car accidents on the slick roads. I had no such problems on my drive. I was heading to the southeast, away from all that crud.

The wind, however, still blew out of the north with quite a force. Whitecaps could be seen on Seneca Lake and the waves were crashing on the south end of the lake at Watkins Glen. Even so, it was a pleasant enough ride.


So today Terry and I removed all the screens and put them into attic storage, moved some furniture around, hauled two sofas to the dump, and had a scrumptious dinner of porterhouse steak from the quarter of a beef we bought up near Fonda, NY.

The weather could have been better, however. The forecast had been for some early morning clouds giving way to sunshine and 50 degrees. Never happened. Instead, we had low clouds and fog all day and the temperature never got above 42 degrees. Perhaps tomorrow will bring the promised sunshine. Perhaps.

College Football: Week 11 Polls and Opponents

None of this week’s games pit undefeated teams against each other so there could very well be four still on that list come Sunday. And only two games pit ranked teams against one another: #11 Alabama vs #17 Mississippi State and #22 South Carolina vs #24 Florida. Don’t expect any upsets in the top 10 this week. (Although I’d love to see PSU knock off #8 Ohio State!)

[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (9-0) The Ducks will play at California (5-4).

2/2/2 Auburn (10-0) The Tigers play host to Georgia (5-5).

3/3/3 TCU (10-0) The Horned Frogs will host San Diego State (7-2).

4/4/4 Boise State (8-0) The Broncos play in Moscow, ID Friday night against the Vandals (4-5).

5/6/7 LSU (8-1) The Tigers will host Louisiana-Monroe (4-5).

6/5/5 Wisconsin (8-1) The Badgers host Indiana (4-5).

7/9/8 Stanford (8-1) The Cardinal will play at Arizona State (4-5).

8/7/9 Ohio State (8-1) The Buckeyes will host the Penn State Nittany Lions (6-3).

9/8/6 Nebraska (8-1) The Cornhuskers host Kansas (3-6).

10/10/12 Michigan State (9-1) The Spartans will be idle this weekend.

11/12/11 Alabama (7-2) The Tide will host #17 Mississippi State (7-2).

12/11/10 Oklahoma State (8-1) The Cowboys will play at Texas (4-5).

13/13/15 Iowa (7-2) is on the road against Northwestern (6-3).

14/14/14 Arkansas (7-2) The Razorbacks will host Texas-El Paso (6-4).

15/15/13 Utah (8-1) The Utes are on the road at Notre Dame (4-5).

16/17/19 Virginia Tech (7-2) The Hokies play at North Carolina (6-3).

17/18/17 Mississippi State (7-2) The Bulldogs will play at #11 Alabama (7-2).

18/19/20 Arizona (7-2) The Wildcats will host Southern California (6-3).

19/16/18 Oklahoma (7-2) The Sooners will host Texas Tech (5-4).

20/20/16 Missouri (7-2) The Tigers host Kansas State (6-3).

21/21/21 Nevada (8-1) The Wolf Pack will be playing at Fresno State (6-2).

22/22/NR South Carolina (6-3) The Gamecocks will play at #24 Florida (6-3).

23/25/25 Texas A&M (6-3) The Aggies play at Baylor (7-3).

24/24/23 Florida (6-3) The Gators will host #22 South Carolina (6-3).

25/23/24 UCF (7-2) The Knights host Southern Mississippi (6-3).

NR/NR/22 San Diego State (7-2) The Aztecs appearance on this list could be a short one. They play at #3 TCU (10-0).

College Football: Week 10 Results

Last week I said that TCU might be too much for Utah to handle even at home. Well, we are down to just four undefeated teams now as #6 Utah (8-1) was spanked by#4 TCU (10-0) 47-7.

To be honest, I also said the following:
“In other games matching two ranked teams—and there are four of them, look for #5 Alabama to tame the #12 LSU Tigers[Oops! LSU won by 3.]; #10 Stanford Cardinal to beat #13 Arizona. [Got that one right! Stanford 42-17.] As for #17 Arkansas vs #18 South Carolina or #19 Oklahoma State vs #22 Baylor—pick’em. The former depends upon which Arkansas team shows up and whether the Gamecocks’ Stephen Garcia gets enough time to do well. [Was Garcia even there? Arkansas 41-20.] The latter depends upon which defense bends without breaking too often. Baylor may have an edge there. [Ha! OSU 55-28.]”

[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (9-0) The Ducks rolled over Washington (3-6) 53-16.

2/3/3 Boise State (8-0) The Broncos whipped the Warriors of Hawaii (7-3) 42-7.

3/2/2 Auburn (10-0) The Tigers remain undefeated as they crushed the Chattanooga Mocs (5-4) 62-24.

4/4/4 TCU (10-0) The Horned Frogs didn’t just beat #6 Utah (8-0), they demolished them, 47-7.

5/5/5 Alabama (7-2) The Crimson Tide was beaten by #12 LSU (8-1) in a close contest (does LSU play any other kind?) 24-21.

6/6/6 Utah (8-1) The Utes fel on their collective faces as they were whupped by #4 TCU (10-0) 47-7.

7/7/7 Wisconsin (8-1) The Badgers travel beat the Boilermakers (4-5) 34-13.

8/8/9 Ohio State (8-1) The Buckeyes were idle this week.

9/10/8 Nebraska (8-1) The Cornhuskers had to go to overtime to beat the Iowa State Cyclones (5-5) 31-30.

10/12/11 Stanford (8-1) The Cardinal trounced the #13 Arizona Wildcats (7-2) 42-17.

11/9/10 Oklahoma (7-2) The Sooners were beaten by Texas A&M (6-3) 33-19.

12/11/12 LSU (8-1) The Tigers edged #5 Alabama (7-2) 24-21.

13/13/13 Arizona (7-2) The Wildcats had no Luck against the #10 Stanford Cardinal (8-1) as the ‘Cats were beaten 42-17.

14/14/14 Missouri (7-2) The Tigers lost to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech (5-4) 24-17.

15/16/15 Iowa (7-2) The Hawkeyes needed 9 in the fourth quarter to come from behind to beat Indiana (4-5) 18-13.

16/15/16 Michigan State (9-1) The Spartans pummeled the Minnesota Golden Gophers (1-9) 31-8.

17/19/18 Arkansas (7-2) The Razorbacks beat the #18 Gamecocks of South Carolina (6-3) 41-20.

18/17/20 South Carolina (6-3) The Gamecocks got plucked by #17 Arkansas (7-2) 41-20.

19/18/17 Oklahoma State (8-1) The Cowboys overwhelmed the #22 Baylor Bears (7-3) by a score of 55-28.

20/20/19 Virginia Tech (7-2) The Hokies came from behind with 21 in the fourth quarter to defeat Georgia Tech (5-4) Thursday night by a score of 28-21..

21/21/21 Mississippi State (7-2) The Bulldogs had the week off.

22/22/22 Baylor (7-3) The Bears lost to #19 Oklahoma State (8-1) 55-28.

23/25/23 North Carolina State (6-3) The Wolfpack dropped a close one to the Clemson Tigers (5-4) by a score of 14-13.

24/24/24 Florida State (6-3) The Seminoles lost to the North Carolina Tarheels (6-3) in a close one, 37-35.

25/23/NR Nevada (8-1) The Wolf Pack routed the Idaho Vandals (4-5) 63-17.

NR/NR/25 Hawaii (7-3) The Warriors would have been better off at home in the Blue Lagoon—with lots of sharks—than playing on the Blue Carpet against #2 Boise State (8-0). The Broncos dominated 42-7.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, November 7, 2010
No Encounters

After cutting off one end of the blanket and sewing it to the other end to make the blanket longer (a Native American explanation of Daylight Savings Time), I went to bed last night with a crystal clear sky. It was still crystal clear at 2 AM EST...and at 3 AM EST. As can surmise, I did not have a good nights rest.

The alarm was set for 6 AM and that's when I got out of bed, stoked the fire, and brewed a pot of coffee. It was just 26 degrees outside and everything was covered in frost. The small frog pond off the front porch had a skim coating of ice on its surface. I was slow to get my hunting clothes on and even slower to get my a$$ out the door, but get out there I did--at 7 AM; well after the "new" sunrise hour of 6:45.

Walking on the frosted leaves was like walking on cornflakes and with almost no breeze blowing, seemed twice as noisy. I noted white rime frost bursting forth from dead, sodden branches elevated above ground. Only those less than six inches in diameter seemed to have lost enough heat during the night to have their water content freeze. And only those branches elevated so as to allow air to circulate freely and completely around them had frozen ribbons of white eminating from them. The ground and branches/tree trunks lying on the ground had not frozen.

I slowly made my way back to the first shelf behind my property on state land to the same place I sat yesterday morning. Again I hung out my three scent bombs and waited.

Only one of the Downy Woodpeckers was working the trees this morning, but even it disappeared around 9 AM. Obviously it was operating on an inner clock keyed to circadian rhythms and paid no heed to the time pieces of man's invention.

As I sat, I could see single strands of spider silk stretching between trees and branches. Obviously not a web-like structure, these were probably used as a mode of transportation. Either the spider would "kite" through the air by emitting a strand of silk until it was long enough to capture a breeze and carry the spider, or the spider would anchor one end to a branch and then swing from the other until a breeze brought it into contact with another branch or tree. Either way, the woods seemed to be filled with them. Much like yesterday's frozen water droplets, the silk strands between me and the sun glittered in sunlight and flickered as the slightest breeze would pluck them like a guitar string.

By 10 AM the sun (the sky was still crystal clear) had stirred the air and a steady breeze was blowing. Since the air had not warmed much (it only got up to 34 degrees at the cabin) that breeze felt mighty chilly. I hunkered down and scanned the surrounding forest. Not seeing a deer, I waited some more.

As things warmed up (slightly) I noticed numerous moths flitting just above ground level. The small (about 3/4 to 1 inch across) off white insects were trying to fly against the ever increasing breeze. They would make a little headway against the still air close to the ground only to be blown backwards if they lofted themselves too high. Occasionally, I would see one darting behind a tree or a fallen log and make some good distance that way only to be blown back to its starting point when it ventured around or above its protective obstacle.

I took out my lunch, ate, and waited some more.

To make a long story a little briefer: as Sergeant Schults of Hogan's Heroes was fond of saying, "I saw nothing."

And so my time hunting in NY ends with a whimper and not a bang.

I'll be packing up tomorrow morning and heading back to PA sometime after lunch.

Oh, rain is in the forecast for Monday afternoon and night and Tuesday morning.

It's bow season down in PA. Has been for a couple of weeks now.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, November 6, 2010
Close Encounters

Hallelujah! The rain finally stopped last night but the promised snow flurries never arrived. Still, I had to get out into the woods if I had any hope of seeing a deer.

It was a chilly 30 degrees under cloudy skies with no breeze as I walked out into the woods at 7:30 this morning. Every branch had a string of frozen droplets hanging from its underside. I made my way up to a beech covered shelf behind the Bolt Hole and hung up three scent bombs along a trail that ran north-south. At the time the tiniest of breezes moved east to west. I parked myself in a cluster of hemlocks at the north end of the trail where the shelf rose to a new level an prepared to wait.

And wait some more. All I saw for the first few hours were a pair of Downy Woodpeckers who were intent upon examining every tree within 50 yards of me. Every time they would swoop down to start their climb on a new tree, the flash of white would draw my attention. For at least an hour they tantalized me with the thought that that white just might be a flick of a deer's tail. No such luck.

The sun peeked through the clouds around 10 AM and those little frozen droplets suddenly became a myriad of crystal prisms. A few positioned at just the right angle, even glinted with gold and red and blue of the rainbow. But the sun also brought some tiny amount of warmth; just enough to begin to melt those droplets which then fell, completing their journey to the forest floor. The warmth also caused some of the beech leaves which had held out against the wind and rain to finally give it up and become detached from their branches and head downward. Another distraction.

Finally, as the sun established itself more firmly in the sky, the hillside began to warm and the wind shifted 180 degrees. It also rattled those beech leaves still clinging to the trees adding yet another distraction. And, while the sun may have warmed the surface, the breeze cooled everything else--including me. By 11:30, having seen nothing but the woodpeckers and growing more chilled by the minute, I was ready to head back to the cabin for some lunch. I picked up my scent bombs and slowly made my way southward as silently as I could.

I was pretty much convinced there wasn't a deer with in half a mile.

Off the shelf and about 200 yards into my walk, I stooped to move a branch lying on the trail and there was a brief crash off to my left. I looked up in time to see the flash of a white tail as it bounded behind some hemlocks just 30 yards away. A second deer, an obvious buck--a HUGE buck--moved across a gap in the hemlocks before I could shoulder my rifle and click the safety off. I turned to the next gap in the trees...but the buck, which had seemed destined for that opening..never got there. It must have made a 90 degree turn and headed straight away from me using the hemlocks as a shield.

The oddest thing about this encounter was the total silence after the initial bolt by the first deer. I never heard a foot-fall from either deer as they made their escape. I tried to find out if they had been bedded down on the other side of the hemlocks, but could find no sign of that. It's possible that this was a case of two deer which just happened to be trying to cross the trail I was on and, because I things were so quiet with the wet leaves and gurgling nearby brook, we just never heard each other approaching.

Anyway, after waiting 15 minutes to see if they might return (unlikely--and even if they did, there was still the thick stand of young hemlocks nearby through which they could move with me being none the wiser) I returned to the cabin for lunch and a warm-up. Then it was back out for a totally uneventful afternoon. I didn't even have the Downy Woodpeckers to entertain me.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bolt Hole Report, November 4, 2010

I drove back to the Bolt Hole on Wednesday morning with the radio tuned to Glen Beck and learned that I hit 1.000 with my votes on Tuesday. I had known the results for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, US Congressman, and State Representative, but the US Senate contest was a close one and hadn't been called when I hit the sack Tuesday night. I heard nothing on the local radio station when I left and hadn't gone on line before hitting the road, so when, in the midst of a riff on which Democratic Senators and Congressman were not reelected/elected they Beck mentioned that Joe Sestak had not been elected to the Senate, I knew that I had gone 5-for-5. I'm sure the folks in the surrounding cars were wondering why I was shouting "YES!!" and pumping my fist in the air. Hey, at least I wasn't honking the horn. Sheesh!


Getting back to the Bolt Hole, I stowed my gear, had lunch, and got dressed to go out into the woods. I opted to simply sit for the afternoon. It was comfortably cool, and sunny with a light breeze barely swaying the topmost boughs of the fir trees. I was sitting near a sizable creek and the gurgling rush of the water was incredibly soothing. I came t-h-i-s close to falling asleep.

Didn't see any deer, however, before I made my way back to the cabin at sunset. Then the weather changed for the worse.

*sigh* Rain, rain, rain! That was today's weather, tonight's weather and tomorrow's weather prediction. So far they've been correct on the first 24 of the 36 hours. Worse is that they are also predicting rain/snow showers for Friday night! Might not get clear skies--or at least no precipitation--until Saturday.

On one hand, I'm glad it's not snow! With 0.75 inches of rain, that could equal 9 inches of snow. On the other hand, I would have liked to gotten into the woods a little more but the weather has been terrible so far. At my age, I'm not going to go sit in the freakin' FALL rain! (I might do so if I'm out fishing in July or August when it's warm, but in October and November? No way!)

I intend to stay continue hunting around the Bolt Hole (weather permitting) until Monday. Then it will be time to drain the pipes, batten the hatches and head back to PA.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Jury Duty

Speaking of important duties as a citizen....

A little over a week ago I got a jury summons for the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. That duty will take me over to the county courthouse in Wellsboro...if I am required. As in many locations, one calls in the night before to find out whether or not he/she must report. (That Monday and Tuesday are the two-day bear season here in PA. Bear hunting is usually a group affair and I'm more of a loner so it doesn't bother me to miss any time.)

I've had jury duty several times in New Jersey and sat on two juries while being rejected for--or not called for--several others. I take this seriously for several reasons: First, the persons participating in any trial deserve persons on the jury who will do a fair job, and I believe I do/will; Second, should I ever be in the position of standing before the bar, I would want people who want to be there as opposed to those who couldn't come up with a good excuse; Third, it is one of those "duty" things with me and fits right up there with casting my vote and paying my fair share of taxes. (I may not like what they spend my taxes on, but I realize that someone has to pay for defense and the other things the federal government is supposed to do. Problem is it's also doing an awful lot it should never be doing.)

Anyway, I'll make my call Monday evening before Thanksgiving and if they have need of people I'll be there bright and early...right after I've grabbed breakfast at Mickey D's.

Election Day, 2010

I left the Bolt Hole early this morning and headed south to the Aerie for the sole purpose of casting my vote for senator, congressman, governor and lieutenant governor. The only other "choice" on the ballot was the uncontested race for state representative. When I got to the polling site at noon, I was number 137--a far cry from the numbers that turned out in 2008. (Terry had been there much earlier in the morning as number 27.)

I drove 220 miles to cast that vote. And I'll drive another 220 tomorrow to return to the Bolt Hole.

I hope everyone out there got out to vote today. If you didn't vote, then you've got no right to complain during the next two years. By then, hopefully, you'll have learned your lesson and will be informed enough to make a wise decision in the voting booth.


If you look at elections in other nations, there seems to be a much larger turnout than here int he USA. Much of that has to do with the "National Holiday" atmosphere on election day in many other countries. Here, we strive to make casting a ballot easy in many ways. You can register at the DMV. There are states that allow early voting--days early. There are liberal policies with regards to absentee ballots. And few states bother to ask for any sort of ID when it comes to voting. They certainly ask for far less than needed to purchase tobacco or alcohol. Yet we seem to get less than 50% turnout of the living, breathing, eligible voters. (Speaking of which, we need to get the registration books in order. There are folks who have moved or who have died, who are kept on the books in their old site far too long.)

We, as a nation, have taken this most important right/responsibility for granted. I wold like to see Election Day become a true national holiday. This should be a day on which all businesses, all retail outlets, schools, all non-essential services, close from 8 AM until 8 PM (or when ever the polls close). We need to emphasize the importance of voting. Our entire focus--individually, locally and nationally--should be upon casting a vote. If you want to stay home on this day, fine, do so. You won't be forced to vote any more than you are now. And knock off those early voting dates. All votes (other than absentee ballots--the rules for which need to be tightened) need to be cast on Election Day. That's what it's called, for crying out loud.


While we're at it, let's reduce the number of National Holidays to just four: Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Election Day and Thanksgiving. And treat each one the same way: shut down everything except essential services (and make sure they are truly essential--police, fire, medical).

College Football: Week 10 Polls and Opponents

We are down to just five undefeated teams, and by next Sunday there will be at least one less. #4 TCU (9-0) and #6 Utah (8-0) put it on the line against one another Saturday. While the home team won both games which pitted two undefeated teams last week, this week I think the outcome will be different. The Horned Frogs may be too much for Utah.

In other games matching two ranked teams—and there are four of them, look for #5 Alabama to tame the #12 LSU Tigers; #10 Stanford Cardinal to beat #13 Arizona. As for #17 Arkansas vs #18 South Carolina or #19 Oklahoma State vs #22 Baylor—pick’em. The former depends upon which Arkansas team shows up and whether the Gamecocks’ Stephen Garcia gets enough time to do well. The latter depends upon which defense bends without breaking too often. Baylor may have an edge there.

[The three numbers for the rankings are from the AP Top 25, The Harris Coaches’ Poll, and An “NR” means that that particular poll did Not Rank the team.]

1/1/1 Oregon (8-0) The Ducks will host Washington (3-5) this weekend.

2/3/3 Boise State (7-0) The Broncos will host the Warriors of Hawaii (7-2).

3/2/2 Auburn (9-0) The Tigers should remain perfect host the sacrificial Chattanooga Mocs (5-3).

4/4/4 TCU (9-0) The Horned Frogs put their undefeated season on the line as they hit the road to play #6 Utah (8-0). Someone’s going to have a loss after this one and it could be the home team.

5/5/5 Alabama (7-1) The Crimson Tide will hit Baton Rouge as Alabama plays #12 LSU (7-1).

6/6/6 Utah (8-0) The Utes face another undefeated team in #4 TCU (9-0). Even at home, they’ll have to play better than last week when they used five turnovers to squeak past Air Force.

7/7/7 Wisconsin (7-1) The Badgers travel to Purdue to take on the Boilermakers (4-4).

8/8/9 Ohio State (8-1) The Buckeyes are idle this week.

9/10/8 Nebraska (7-1) The Cornhuskers will be in Ames to play the Iowa State Cyclones (5-4)

10/12/11 Stanford (7-1) The Cardinal play host to the #13 Arizona Wildcats (7-1).

11/9/10 Oklahoma (7-1) The Sooners play at Texas A&M (5-3).

12/11/12 LSU (7-1) The Tigers will host #5 Alabama (7-1).

13/13/13 Arizona (7-1) The Wildcats play on the coast against the #10 Stanford Cardinal (7-1).

14/14/14 Missouri (7-1) The Tigers are on the road to face the Red Raiders of Texas Tech (4-4)

15/16/15 Iowa (6-2) The Hawkeyes play at Indiana (4-4)

16/15/16 Michigan State (8-1) The Spartans try to rebound from last week’s loss as they host the !-8 Minnesota Golden Gophers.

17/19/18 Arkansas (6-2) The Razorbacks play on the road against the #18 Gamecocks of South Carolina (6-2)

18/17/20 South Carolina (6-2) The Gamecocks host #17 Arkansas (6-2).

19/18/17 Oklahoma State (7-1) The Cowboys will be hosting the #22 Baylor Bears (7-2) in a very important BIG 12 game.

20/20/19 Virginia Tech (6-2) The Hokies will host Georgia Tech (5-3) this Thursday night.

21/21/21 Mississippi State (7-2) The Bulldogs have the week off.

22/22/22 Baylor (7-2) The Bears will play #19 Oklahoma State (7-1) on the road.

23/25/23 North Carolina State (6-2) The Wolfpack will play at Clemson (4-4).

24/24/24 Florida State (6-2) The Seminoles host the North Carolina Tarheels (5-3)

25/23/NR Nevada (7-1) The Wolf Pack head north to Moscow, Idaho to face the Vandals (4-4).

NR/NR/25 Hawaii (7-2) The Warriors leave the Blue Lagoon to play on the Blue Carpet of #2 Boise State (7-0)