Thursday, November 02, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 49
Kitchen and Bathrooms

Log Home Update: Part 49
Kitchen and Bathrooms

We have put all the kitchen cabinets in place and the counter top has been installed. About half the light fixtures have been installed, too.

Kitchen 01
The view from the “dining room.” The white slot to the left will be the refrigerator and that to the right is the stove/range and hood.

All appliances are on site and ready to be installed as soon as we get a floor in place.

Some tiling finally got done this week after a series of snafus that would be comedic if not tragic. The tile for the basement and first floor bathrooms was cut in such a way as to not be square. This proved unacceptable and we, therefore, have not floors in those baths. The master bath tile was okay (although we had to wait for the single row of black for the walls) BUT we were short on the floor tiles—by four square feet. This was probably due to the angle-cuts that had to be made in front of the bathtub. Anyway we have one almost completely tiled bathroom. (Add the vagaries of having to depend upon a team of masons/tilers who were coming in from NY state—on their own schedule…well, it was interesting.) Despite all the peculiarities of the tiling, we may (and I stress may) have the tile job finished by the middle of next week.

Tile in the Master 01
Terry chose a rather classic black and white style for the tile features in the master bathroom.(The walls will eventually be painted a shade of red.)

Tile in the Master 02
This is what the tile floor looks like. Small black squares with a pinwheel of white around them. (This is also the tile we were short on. Probably due to the angle cut you see here.)

Don has finished all the sheetrock and has been diligently spackling over al the tape and screws—he’s almost finished.

Terry, Deb and I have been staining and polyurethaning the 9 paneled doors. These have been set up in the basement so we may work from one to another. Kind of reminds me of Monsters, Inc.

This is NOT the set for Monsters, Inc. It just looks that way.

Kyle and Dan have been working to install the insulation over the garage and have made great progress considering they are only working a few hours a day after school.

Adam took two days to go to a class on building codes held over in Clarks Summit. Worse, he took Braun with him.


Jess said...


What is it with you not having enough tile for bathrooms, eh?

joated said...

I would like it known that I neither measured nor calculated the square footage for the tile. So don't lay that one at my doorstep!