Thursday, November 09, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 50
Finished tile work, primed walls, deck railing and more!

When I left on Friday of last week we were having issues with the tile work. There was a shortage of tiles for the master bath and no tiles at all for the first floor or basement baths’ floors. Well, those issues have been resolved. The few sheets needed for the master bath came in to the supplier on Monday and the tile I selected on Friday arrived on Tuesday so on Wednesday, the tiling crew came back and did a great job finishing all three bathrooms.
Master Bath
The black bull-nose really identifies the step-up.

1st floor bath
The gray, slate tile I chose has met with everyone’s approval—thank goodness!

Basement bath
The basement bathroom floor.

But I get ahead of myself. Over the weekend, Don and the rest of his family (Debby, Adam and others) installed the outside lights on the entranceway, the garage, and the deck. They also constructed stairs for the entranceway and the deck. And they put up the rail on the deck and half of the entrance. Needless to say, I was really impressed when I got there on Monday.
Main entrance w/lights and railings
Front door had steps, lights and part of the railing when I got there on Monday.

Deck railings
The deck railings look great and give the exterior a finished look even though there is still a lot to do outside.

Outside lights
The exterior lights really dress things up, too.

(By the way, Monday morning I had to haul my travel trailer down to PA so it could get inspected. NJ must be the only area state that doesn’t require trailers be inspected so this was a new one to me. Several days of trying to set up appointments at the two places I was told did inspections proved fruitless. Then Don made a call to get some information and gave me a number to call and I was told, “Sure! Bring it in tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:00 AM and we’ll get’er done in no time.” So I did and they did and I headed back to the Adirondacks with trailer in tow by 8:30 AM Thursday.)

Tuesday we started staining wood again; this time for trim boards. All the doors, windows and baseboard will require trim boards stained a nice Golden Oak. (Braun was back for the staining part and for Wednesday’s painting.)
Staining trim
Tuesday afternoon and evening we all picked up sanding sponges and went to work on the spackled walls. When we left, all of us looked like either ghosts or snowmen but the walls were ready for painting.

Wednesday was a painting day. Except for the three bathrooms (where the tile men were at work) every sheetrocked wall got a nice coat of white primer. It’s amazing how such a simple act can give a finished look to a formerly speckled and stripped green/gray wall surface.
Primed walls 01
Guest Bedroom
Primed walls 02
Master Bedroom closets

Terry was there for most of Tuesday (lots of white dust on her face and in her hair) and most of Wednesday (remarkably little white paint on her person). She was actually headed back north on Tuesday afternoon when she blew a tire and was forced to return for a day.

Don spent the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday spackling the sheetrock in the garage. When Dan and/or Kyle showed up they too stayed in the garage but spent time putting insulation in the outside walls.
Garage 2
And this is not a low ceiling. Don was up and down the ladder hundreds of times. His knees had to be killing him!

The Kyle/Dan team did a fine job on installing the insulation as well as anything else that needed doing in the few hours after school they were present.

Thursday, Don and Adam sanded the floor in the master bedroom, master bath and loft. The tongue-and-groove 2-inch thick pine in that area is now ready for a coating (actually several) of polyurethane.

Don and Deb are heading off on a cruise vacation this Saturday. Adam has two more classes on building codes scheduled in the Pittsburgh area on Tuesday and Wednesday—Braun’s going along—(and a day bear hunting on Thursday). I’ll be working on my own for a good portion of the week while house—and horse, cat and dog—sitting for Don and Deb.


Fitness Foodie said...

Love the slate tiled floor. I am doing my bathroom with slate soon as well, but wondering what to do the walls? Any adive... is your shower tiles white or dark??

joated said...

Our showers came as complete kits. Fiberglass wall panels are glued to the sheetrock and then the edges are caulked. (They are white because black would show any soap and/or mineral depostits after even one shower!)