Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 54
Almost finished

(I discovered—after an hour on line—that the dial-up service at our new home was a toll call. Therefore I had no more desire to go on line. That is why it’s been more than a week since my last post.)

Lots has been happening at the log home. We are getting closer and closer to finishing the work that can be done. Some exterior work—such as staining the logs and applying stone to the chimney—will have to wait for warmer spring weather.

More trim work has been stained and applied around windows and doors as well as along the base of the walls. Adam did most of the installation while I’ve spent many an hour staining boards and doors in our basement work area.

Don finished the plumbing work in the master bathroom and has only to install the toilet in the basement to complete that portion of the job. He then began the task of framing out the fireplaces and working on the chimneys. When I left on Tuesday, one chimney had breached the roof and the other was through the first floor and heading upward.

The Loadall returns
The Loadall made a return appearance to assist in the erection of the chimney. It will make the exterior framing work of the chimney chase and the adjacent cricket much easier.

First floor fireplace 1
The zero-clearance fireplace in the living room.

First floor fireplace 2
Don framed out the box around the fireplace and chimney.

First chimney through the roof...
The zero-clearance chimney broached the roof Monday afternoon.

For Patti S., this is the front door as you will see it when you visit. (Please wait until…oh, February, though. It will take us a month or so to get moved in.)
Front entrance.

Inside of front door
Inside the foyer.


Anonymous said...

i was reading your article on going with oliver brossard in may. I was wondering how the trip was because we are heading up the 20th of May this year. Also heard that Oliver sold the business to George....son of crazy George. Must be nice to retire at 40.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and the whole crew. You must be proud of your effort and the results!