Sunday, December 03, 2006

Log Home Update: Part 53

Things are really coming together.

It's December 3rd and:

We have a working indoor bathroom so the porta-potty was removed from the building site. Considering the night time temperatures are in the mid-20s and the day time highs are only in the high 30s, that is a very good thing!
Working Guest Bath

Interior doors are being hung.
Door to attic
The attic door. Since the attic space is unheated this door is very necessary.

Trim is being applied to doors and windows.
Hung Doors & Trim

The second coat of primer has been applied to nearly all the walls.
o need tolook at paint drying, is there?)

Shelves have been installed in the closets.
Closet Organizers in
Every closet gets at least one of these Closet Maid organiizers.

Yeah, things are moving along pretty well.

Update: A dusting of snow on the ground this morning--December 4. It reminds me of the days back in late February and early March when the hole was being dug for the foundation--in six inches of snow.


Jarkko said...

Your attic door follows the ceiling curve in a very clever manner. Who got this idea? Another guestion I have is, why go with laminated flooring in the first floor? Too bad I ran across your site this late. Net is too full of junk sites that form the rough where your sort of a diamonds can be found.

joated said...

Thnaks for the compliment, Jarkko.

Initially the attic was to be accessed via one of those pull-down stairs to be located in the laundry room. As we constructed the home, however, the size of the attic became apparent and the desire for better access--something that would allow everyday sort of use--became infectious among the crew.

The alcove into the attic came first and then the homemade door.It's final pyramidal top lets folks up to six-six walk through without having to duck.

As far as the laminate flooring.... We wanted wood. We had radiant heat. I felt that the laminate flooring was thin enough to take advantage of the radiant heat yet duraable enough to wear as well as a traditional oak or maple hard wood. Plus, its installation was far easier and it came prefinished. No need to wait for several coats of polyurethane to dry and cure before we could walk and work upon it.