Saturday, August 14, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 66 From Rawlins, WY to Colorado Springs, CO

I've already detailed the early morning trials and tribulations of this day in the post GOOD NEWS! wherein I explained how we discovered that the slide out motor was not, in fact, completely dead but only mostly dead--with it's "brain" addled--and how Miracle Nick laid hands upon said brain and told it to "Wake up!" and, lo, it did!

The rest of the day went as planned. We succeeded in passing around most of Denver in the middle of the day when even the midday traffic resembled what we used to have at rush hour in New Jersey. We continued south on I-25 through the dreaded Castle Rock to Colorado Springs traffic at 2 o'clock rolled around.

Traffic was far worse going north and, unfortunately, that's exactly what we had to do once we got parked and set up in the KOA south of Colorado Springs. We had a dinner date at La Casa in the historic district of Monument north of the Air Force Academy which is north of CS and it was bumper-to-bumper all the way. Twenty-five miles took us nearly an hour.

We met Patti, Jerry and Joyce at the restaurant and had a great time renewing acquaintances over margaritas and our meal. Plans were made for the weekend with a strong possibility of some hot air ballooning over the other side of Pike's Peak in South Park on Sunday.

Traffic was much kinder on the way back to the campground at 9 PM.

No pictures today. However, we have dinner Saturday night at Joyce's house which faces the Front Range. Joyce is a benevolent Mother Nature who has 17 hummingbird feeders on her deck and every slot (six per) is occupied around sunset. Then there's the four foxes she's currently feeding at the back step. Possibilities abound!

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