Monday, August 16, 2010

Road Trip 2010: Day 69: A Day of Rest!

After returning to our campground and taking a dip in the pool and hot tub, we had dinner at Patti's apartment Sunday evening. It's a cute little place off Rockrimmon in Colorado Springs.

She's some interesting neighbors for being in town as she is.

Momma Muley

She looks a bit haggard.

She may be skin and bones (you can see her ribs) but, man!, what a set of ears she has!

Three youngsters.

Two of these are hers. The third belongs to another doe who seemed willing to let her's hang out with the twins. That other doe looked much fatter. Perhaps Momma is also feeding the third fawn as well as her own!

Joyce, Jerry, Annette (a member of Jerry's ballooning team) and the two of us had a mice simple meal of hamburgers and hot dogs. Conversation was light, however, as we had to keep poking one another to stay awake.


Monday was declared a day of rest! Joyce had the day off but was cleaning. Terry and I would do the same. Annette would head home (Aurora) after spending the night with Patti. Patti would do what ever Patti wanted...per usual. Terry also stitched away the afternoon while I edited pictures and made some posts.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Terry and I will head east, first following Route 24 to Limon and then hopping on I-70. We've one stop planned near the Colorado-Kansas line. We've been told Old Town is pretty neat and we should get there just about the time we need to take a break anyway.

Where we will stop for the day is anyone's guess. Much depends upon how long we stay at Old Town and the loss of an hour as we pass into Kansas. Either Oakley, KS (long stay) or Wakeensey, KS (shorter stay) will be the choices. (I had a plan but stopping at Old Town will make it moot.)

In any event. Once into Kansas, we'll be heading home with stops only to sleep.

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