Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aerie Report, November 13, 2011

It was a nice day here at the Aerie. The temperature got up near 60 degrees and only the farily stiff breeze--perhaps 15-20 miles an hour--that blew all day and the cloud cover that thickened late in the afternoon, made it feel cooler.

We took advantage of the nice weather to grill a steak out on the deck for Sunday dinner.

Afterwards, I took a stroll out back to see if there was any sign of the deer I've heard shuffling leaves after dark. It didn't take long to find some. There are a couple of fresh scrapes and rubs along the old logging road that cuts from the lawn, follows the edge of the back field and then heads across the slope to the southwest corner of the property. I even found that a small sumac on the edge of the lawn had been rubbed sometime over the last two nights. Lots of large tracks in the mud along the trail, too.

Since the only visuals I've had have been of females, I was happy to see signs of at least one male moving through the area. I set one of the game cameras on one of the scrapes hoping I'll get some idea of the size of any bucks that might be available when the season opens the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Based on the location of the scrapes and rubs, I may have to rethink the postion of my stand.


Got back in plenty of time to ensconse myself in the recliner to watch some football!

Sadly, the Cowboys won and the Giants lost. On the plus side, Washington lost and so did Philly.

Still have the Jets against The Evil Empire for the lead in the AFC East tonight.


Rev. Paul said...

60 degrees and BBQ? Enjoy, friends - we have both temps & snow falling. Your day sounds nice, though.

joated said...

I noticed. Just thought I'd rub it in a little.

JDP said...

If you get some game cam pics of that buck, be sure to post them.