Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Aerie Report, November 8, 2011

We've been enjoying something of an Indian Summer around here lately. Daytime highs have reached 65 degrees and nighttime lows have fallen down into the 30s with a few clear nights going even lower--at least down in the valley. The cool nights prompted me to burn some firewood to keep the house warm without burning through propane.

It's been dry, too. We've had no precipitation since the last 3" snowfall over a week ago. Nearly all the leaves have fallen and the larches (tamaracks) have turned golden brown.


Speaking of propane.... We finally got a delivery on Monday after contacting the supplier several times. They're still trying to judge their computer system and it needs some tweaking. Our 78 day long travel in the summer of '10 gave them a little bit of a false read as we weren't home to use hot water, cook, or do any laundry. This resulted in their thinking we have more in the tank than we actually do. As someone who hates to see his truck's gas gauge go below a quarter of a tank, I was getting a little nervous when the propane gauge got down into the red zone (less than 20%). I start getting worried that we might run out before they deliver. This time we were down under 15% on our 500-gallon tank. When they do "fill" us up, it's only to the 80% mark or 400 gallons. This delivery was for 365 gallons so we were pretty low. The company's computer said our empty date was December 6th. With the warmer days and fireplace supplementing things we probably cold have made that. Maybe.

It's comforting to know we have a "full" tank as we head into the colder season, even if, at $2.35 per gallon, it's going to cost us around $850 for that assurance.

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