Sunday, July 01, 2012

Saturday morning was...

...a bummer.

In May I fired up the 1989 Yamaha Pro Hauler (an ATV designated YTU1W) at the Aerie. After sitting in the garage all winter, it was a bit reluctant at first but draining some of the water laden gas out of the carburetor and giving it a new spark plug had it soon humming along just fine. So I loaded it onto the utility trailer and hauled it up to the Bolt Hole.

When I got to the Adirondacks, the blasted thing would not start. All I could get out of it was a rapid "click-click-click..." from somewhere along the starting line. I traced the sound to the starter relay and, thinking that was the problem, ordered a new one from Village Motor Sports in Speculator.

What with our preplanned travel and my gimpy knees, I wasn't able to pick up the part until Friday afternoon.

Saturday I installed the new starter relay, turned the key and hit the starter button: "Click-click-click...." Damn! The freaking machine still will not turn over and I'm now at a loss as to what the problem might be. It could be something incredibly simple or something that needs to be totally rebuilt or replaced. I'm no mechanic! Hell, I barely understand the principle behind the internal combustion engine and when it comes to the electrical side of the damn thing, I've not got the slightest clue as to what those little black boxes do.

I guess I'll have to wrestle the beast onto the utility trailer and haul it home again and then out to a shop nearer to the Aerie. (The shop in Speculator is also a snowmobile/boat shop and--being in the middle of lake country with summer here--is busier than a one armed paper hanger. There's no telling how long it would take them to get around to working on the beast.)

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