Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I did today.

So, Terry had a small knot of stitchers over for a sit-and-stitch luncheon today. Like any sensible, sensitive male, I hit the road. I would have gone to the Lamb's Creek Range to shoot, but it's closed this week because the NRA sponsored International YHEC (Youth Hunter Education Challenge) events that are spilling over from the Mill Cove Environmental Area

So, instead, I did a tour of the county with a few stops along the way. Out Route 660 to Leonard Harrison State Park and the Grand Canyon of PA, then back through Stony Fork to the Wellsboro's Green Public Library (didn't find the books I was looking for), the Tioga County Courthouse (to obtain a concealed carry application), and AAA (for a new Road Atlas--we wear them out after two years). Then back to Mansfield and Lowes (to complain about carpet delivery and price deck stain), Agway (black-oil sunflower seed is on sale! $22.95 per 50 pounds. I got ten bags), McDonald's for lunch (because we don't have a Chick-fil-a nearby), Richmond Township offices (just to say "Hi! to Deb and let her know I'm putting her husband, Don, down as a reference on my cc application, and then, as I was driving up the hill with intentions to wander about Tioga State Forest on top of Armenia Mountain, Terry called to give me the all clear.

Good news! The ladies didn't eat many of the brownies and left some of the Cool Whip and pineapple cake.


Rev. Paul said...

Sounds like you're keeping yourself busy, and can be consoled by brownies & Cool Whip.

Such a tough life. :)

threecollie said...

Sounds like a winning situation all around. See any good birds?

joated said...

Aside from a few Turkey Vultures soaring over the Canyon, I really didn't see anything. TVs are really enjoying the warm updrafts around here as are the Red-Tailed Hawks. I watched two from the deck as they stayed almost perfectly still, wings outstretched in the air currents. They looked more like kites than birds.