Friday, July 27, 2012

Small business appreciation day.

I did some business with our local sporting goods store today. 
Back in '89 or '90 I bought a Daisy Legacy Model 2202 for Rick to shoot in the Adirondacks. It's a small bolt action .22 with a composite stock that was adjustable as the kid's arms lengthened and had a 10 round barrel magazine. We used it two, maybe three, times before scout camp came along and he out grew it and was big enough to use the full sized Marlin and the shotgun. It's been sitting in the back room up north ever since with the booklets and in the original box (price sticker said I paid $75 for it.) I had no use for it and felt it was time to get rid of it. 
I put it on the counter at Cooper's Sporting Goods in Mansfield and opened the box. Tim looked at it. "Wow," he says, "I've never seen one of these before." 
He picked the rifle up examining it closely and worked the bolt. Then he pulled out his "Bible" and looked it up and says to me, "I'll give you $100 for it." 
I almost fell over. I hoped to get between $25 and $50. He showed me in the book that a model like mine in "Very Fine" condition was valued at $150--twice the original retail price.
Seems Daisy only made this rifle for three years, 1989-1991. 
I took the money and said thank you!
Checked on the internet when I got home (Yeah, should have done that first.) and it seems that there are only a few of these out there and for a .22, bolt action collector they can go up to $200. (More if they have the scope which mine didn't.)
I'm not sorry about getting "just" $100 for the Legacy. Parts are hard to come by for this little rifle and that alone would result in it seldom getting used. Tim can have the fun of finding a buyer and closing that deal. Hey, he's got the FFL so even if I did locate a buyer, it would probably have to go through him anyway.

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Rev. Paul said...

Congrats on the capital gain; just don't tell Obama & crew, or they'll want it all.