Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Evening Grosbeaks at the Aerie

Yesterday, for the first time in three years, we had a group of Evening Grosbeaks appear at the feeders. Bright sunlight, deep shade and general skitishness around the aggressive--and numerous--squirrels, made for some difficult photographic conditions and I wasn't happy with the shots I did get. In addition, all the birds that showed up yesterday were the more drab females.

Not today. The girls brought a few guys along with them today. And the slightly overcast skies meant that the deck wasn't in deep shadow but lit by a diffuse light. The birds were still a bit skitish and the squirrels a pain in the a$$ but I did manage to get a few good shots.

Evening Grosbeaks on the tray.

Female Evening Grosbeak

Male Evening Grosbeak

With seed conditions further north reported to be pretty bleak, I expect we'll be seeing these guys and gals along with other more northerly species quite often this winter. Especially so once there's some snow cover.


Rev. Paul said...

What beautiful birds! Thanks for sharing.

joated said...

They are the Goldfinches of the winter--only larger. Always a pleasure to see their bright yellow and flashing white and black wings.

Ruth said...

Glad you got to see them! I was doing all sorts of "cool!!!" the first time I saw them outside my window this year!