Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Bird (for this season) at the Aerie

This morning dawned(?) overcast and cold. The temperature was 28 degrees at 7 AM. I put the feeders out and soon had a large number of the regulars coming in to get their morning dose of sunflower seeds. Then around 9:30 AM a new visitor arrived that caused quite a stir. Everyone headed for the cover of the thick brush as the Sharp-shinned Hawk made its first appearance at the buffet. It didn't seem to have been a success, but the hawk will be back as it has now confirmed there be some fine eatin' here 'bouts.

Sharp-shinned Hawk

I managed to snap a few pictures through the glass of the sliding door, but when I went out on the deck, the hawk flew away into the woods beyond. 

Now all we need is a Red-tailed Hawk to take out some of these bloody Gray Squirrels!


threecollie said...

Send him here to eat house sparrows. lol

Rev. Paul said...

Nice pic!

We have a lot of birds around our place, too ... but not much variety.

Ravens, seagulls (summertime only), hawks, magpies, eagles, and some little thing about the size of a mouse which hops around so rapidly that I can't snap a decent picture of one. And once every so often, a great horned owl.

Ravens make up 95% of the birds we see, most of the time.

Ruth said...

Oh nice! Send him up here, I've got house sparrows galore and the Harris's is dead thanks to the cat across the street, so if he wants a big meal I'll help him corral the damn thing!