Thursday, November 08, 2012

Miss Kitteh vs The Thing

The other day, Miss Kitteh acting...well...kittenish. She decided to spar with the dreaded Thing (a yarn ball on a spring).

She was pretty casual about it at first. Shaking paws and plotting strategy.

Then she got right (or should I say "left") down to business. She struck out with a left hook.

And then a right!

The Thing was going all wobbly and it looked like the bout would be over quickly. But The Thing struck back with a vicious looping overhand blow that knocked Miss Kitteh to the floor.

Although she suffered a knockdown, Miss Kitteh was far from finished. She continued to lash out at The Thing from her prone position!

She clawed her way back to her feet and delivered a series of four-footed (four-pawed?) blows that left The Thing yelping in pain and howling, "No mas! No mas!"

The ending was too horrible to photograph.

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Rev. Paul said...

Young cats are good for hours of entertainment. Thanks for sharing the blow-by-blow coverage. :^)