Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Inside the Bolt Hole

At the Bolt Hole for the second time within a week to clear out some of the clutter and make it look a bit more presentable. It officially went on the market today with a realtor from the town of Poland.

She took a lot of pictures inside and out so I was a little disappointed that you could only see one of them on her web site when it was posted. I saw her pictues and they were pretty darn good. I only have my iPhone with me so mine aren't quite as good, but here's what the insides look like with much of the clutter already in the Tundra.

When you first enter you are in the Great Room. This is our main living area and the source of much of our heat. There's a big wood stove and the stove pipe goes up through the upstairs bedroom.

There are four doors in the north end that you see here. The one on the far right goes out onto the screened porch. The one next to it goes into a utility room which is used for storage. The next one on the left goes upstairs and the final one on the left goes into the kitchen.

Standing behind the wood stove and looking into the great room, you see the second source of heat: the south wall is all glass and picks up a good deal of sun during the day. (Unfortunately, there are some planted fir trees on each corner of the building and they block a good portion of the sun.)

Leaving the great room, you enter the kitchen. There's another wood stove here that provides yet another source of heat. (There's also electric baseboard heat throughout the house, but, except for the the first floor bedroom, we've never used it. Electricity in New York state ain't cheap!)

From the other side of the kitchen, you can see the entrance to the great room on the right and the entrance to the bathroom on the left.

Next to the entrance to the bathroom is a door that leads to the attached woodshed.

On the west end of the kitchen, is the entrance to the first floor bedroom. The entire west wall is closet.

Going upstairs we have the "master bedroom." Here you can see the stove pipe as it passes through. (The former owner had a small wood stove here that connected to the same pipe which is 1-not safe and 2-inducive to some pretty smokey times in the bedroom!)

From the upstairs bedroom you can step out on the a small deck through the sliding glass doors. When we bought the place in 1989, the doors were there but, alas, there was no deck. It's about a 10 foot drop just outside the doors, maybe 12-14 feet off the deck's northern side.

And there you have it. That's the inside of the Bolt Hole. Tomorrow I shall endeavor to present you with some pictures of the exterior and the sheds, garage and pole barn.

BTW it was pretty raw today. It drizzled and rained for much of the day and the temperature nver got much above 50 degrees. (It was 45 when I woke up.) I tried to resist, but finally had to turn on the heat.


threecollie said...

I am delighted to see this place after hearing about it for so long. How cozy and tempting! I could live in a cabin like it and enjoy it. Sorry you decided to part with it.

Rev. Paul said...

Looks like a quite serviceable & comfy place.

joated said...

Threecollie, Terry did live there for three months back in 2006 after we sold our NJ home and before we could move into the Aerie. She was not a real happy camper as the nights (and days) got colder and colder. She could not light the fires! (She was never happy about the black flies or mosquitoes which found her blood type (O neg) more to their liking than mine.

I could live there full time provided I could get enough wood in to last from October through May 1. Plenty of wildlife to hunt/watch and, with the state land and several creeks and ponds within 4 mile walking distance, plenty of room to roam and fish.