Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The Exterior of the Bolt Hole

Yesterday I posted some photos of the inside of the Bolt Hole and promised that I'd have some of the outside soon. Well, soon has arrived.

Come in the gate and onto the lawn and then drive up to the front porch and the main entrance into the Great Room. There's also an entrance to the kitchen from the covered porch, but that door is barred on the inside. The addition on the left is the first floor bedroom,

 (This photo was taken by Realtor Kay Delano and labeled cabin in the woods on 34 acres)
Turn around and look across the lawn and you'll see the garage (with workshop area in the rear) and the pole barn. Both need a little TLC. I built the barn in 2003 with help from my daughter, my son, my buddy Joe and his two boys. Each did one or two days labor but I had to put the final side panels and the final pieces of the roof on myself. And then I had to paint the whole bloody thing! (Needs another coat now.)

Walk around the west side of the  past an old shed that needs lots of TLC and you'll see the multiple roof levels of the Bolt Hole. The steeper section of silvery metal on the right is the roof of the kitchen and the small attic. The gentler slope at the bottom is the attached woodshed.

Obviously, you gain access to the deck by a sliding glass door from the upstairs bedroom.

From the other side of the back lawn you get another view of the deck and also of windows into the bathroom (on the right) and the utility room (on the left) as well as the screened porch.

Walk past the screened porch and look back and you can see the shed I rebuilt in 2002 after I tore down an old chicken coop of slightly larger size.

Except for the older shed behind the first floor bedroom, that's it. 


Rev. Paul said...

What: no stockade fence to keep the zombies out?

Srsly, looks like a nice place. Lots of work (I've seen your posts on the topic) but the result was good. Are you sorry to be giving it up?

Tina Marie the Willow Witch said...

I like it, house looks so cozy and all that outside storage!

joated said...

Paul, I am a little sorry, but the needed repairs and upkeep (not to mention the cost for taxes, electricity, phone and wifi service, and whatnot are getting to be a little too much. Then there's the time lost to travel to exciting places...like Alaska.

joated said...

Tina, when you come in from a cold day's hunting or just playing in the snow and fire up those wood stoves it can be very cozy indeed.