Sunday, June 07, 2015

Trip Begins in 5 Days

Getting closer. We do a test run starting Monday and then hit the road on Friday.

Terry and I spent the last two days loading "stuff" into the Vibe in anticipation of starting our 2015 Road Trip: Portland, OR or Bust. We've each got our clothes pretty much stowed away as are the pots and pans, utensils and dried/canned foodstuffs for the galley. The towels and cleaning supplies are tucked away in the bathroom and I've got some fishing stuff in the undercarriage storage along with a set of canvas folding chairs.

I worked on the itinerary some more and printed out a page for each travel day along with two or three campgrounds at the end of the day. We'll make some reservations for the longer layovers in Portland, Glacier, Rapid City and Racine, but for the one night layovers while going from point A to point B, we'll call the day before or the day of our arrival. Such a practice has worked for us before and I see no reason it won't again.

I've got my reservation for our trial run at Hills Creek State Park printed out. I can't actually check-in until around 3 PM, however, so there are a few chores I'll be doing in the morning.

Looking at the weather forecast, they're predicting thunderstorms Monday afternoon and night so I better be sure to put a few books in the trailer.

Hills Creek does not have wifi reception (or cable for that matter) and I've not got a satellite account so anything I post after tomorrow will be through my iPhone unless I come home for such things as cutting the grass so don't expect much.

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