Monday, March 28, 2011

Future Plans

I believe I'll take a ride on Tuesday to see if the Bolt Hole is still standing. I haven't heard a peep from my buddy Mark since he returned from taking a test down in Tennessee for a gas company job. (He did will on the test but they gave him and a bunch of others the "We'll call you" routine and sent them home.) And that was back in early January...I think. (Kinda fuzzy on just when.)

Any how...the weather is supposed to be moderating a bit even up that way and the overnight low--there--may only be around 15-20 degrees instead of 5-10 like the last few days. With just a wee chance of snow flurries in the offing. If all is well, I'll only spend the night and head home on Wednesday. If anything is seriously amiss....

I can't wait for this bloody snow to disappear! There are a dozen things that need to be done--Out. Side. Things like setting up a garden; building a pole barn/shed to store the tractor in; cutting, hauling and splitting firewood; (re)building a shed up at the Bolt Hole (one's got to be either rebuilt or demolished and replaced); building some doors for the BH barn--finally; cutting,hauling and splitting firewood at the BH; and building covered deer stands both at the Aerie and the BH.

And I'll have to get it all done around three weddings: one on Memorial Day weekend in Milwaukee, on the 4th of July weekend in Maine, and one the Friday after Labor Day in New Jersey. oh, and then there's the clam bake in Massachusetts on Labor Day--assuming Bruce and Sue extend an invitation. Plus, somehow I've got to squeeze in two or three days a week for bird walks in April and May and--or so I've promised myself--two days of fishing each week. Add the time I'll need to improve by archery and shooting skills (something I didn't get to do last summer because we were on the road for nearly three months) and I'd say I'm going to be busy.

And once September gets here, the college football season and hunting seasons collide. This year I'm hoping for a big improvement by my Scarlet Knights of Rutgers and in my deer harvest. (They only won 4 games last year. That was 4 more than the number of deer I killed and 2 more than the number I saw. As the saying goes, "Tough to do worse.")

So those are my plans, immediate and otherwise. Ya think I'm:
1-too ambitious?
2-taking a big chance letting God know what I want to do? (After all, they do say, "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans.")


Rev. Paul said...

It sounds like a busy summer, but it's also not like your job would get in the way. (smile)

Go ahead & tell God what you'd like to do. It can't hurt, and maybe He'll say yes.

threecollie said...

I wanna go out and play too, but the minute you get outside in this darned weather you want to get back in. Enjoy your trip.

Richard said...

Think you probably have God rolling on the floor laughing Himself silly over this post. I think He probably started getting that way with my plans but you definitely put finished things off.

JDP said...

I would start with the covered deer stands to be sure they got built and put in place in plenty of time for the deer to get used to them :)