Saturday, September 10, 2016

Canadian Maritimes: Nova Scotia (the northern part) (Part 3)

Louisbourg, over on the east side of Cape Breton, was a French settlement/fort/port that was taken over by the English several times in it's early history. Today it is a reconstruction of the good old French days with costumed interpreters abounding.

The original governor's home which now serves as park headquarters and museum.  
 This was the only real building Terry and I saw when we were here last in 1977. Things have changed since then!

Suttlers' encampment outside the walls.

Officer's quarters and storage facility.
 Officers who often paid for their commission, could make some extra money on the side by importing goods to be sold. Often to the government.

Children playing to the tune of a tin whistle outside a boarding house.
 The custom of hanging linens from the window not only aired the linens, it informed passers by that there were rooms available.

The main street running parallel to and behind the sea wall to the left.

The main gate into the city from the waterfront.
 The red post in the left front of the photo above was where they would lock up miscreants for some good old public shaming--after leading them down the streets with fife and drum announcing their punishment.

The main street leading up from the waterfront.
 Shops and inns lined this thoroughfare. Those offering food would have a fir branch lashed to the door or sign.

Fife and drums practicing.

Clock on the military barracks.

The Major speaks to the folks prepared to watch a military drill

The Sargent crosses the drill field.

Officer passes orders to the Sargent.

Musicians accompany the arrival of the drill squad.

Flintlocks on shoulders the drill commences under the watchful eye of the corporal.

Having fired their flintlocks (eventually), everyone moves up to the cannons.

Instruction to the cannoneers. (Who paid for the privilege.)

The match is lit.


And everyone marches off.

Inside the military chapel.
 We strolled around the place for a couple of hours before heading back to the campground.

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